[$100 - $200 a day] cash and weekly payout..?!?

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    Hi guys,

    I have been a member here for quite a while and have been studying this forum and some marketing "guru" stuff like J. Abrahm, Eben Pagan, etc. But have not started to implement do to my college workload and families issues .

    I'm in a dire situation were my mom lost her job, developed seizures, and i can't work at a normal job due to my schizophrenia illness. This is why I am constanyly reading IM books and forums like this, so that I can work from home.

    Sorry for the misleading title, but I am desperate as we will lose our house soon if I can't think of something fast!! (My social security disability won't kick in for months from now.)

    I was studying to do a small product launch but that will have to go on the back burner as I need cash pronto.

    I just need some technique that can make me $100- $200 a day and pay FAST like weekly or bi-weekly.

    I have plenty of time on my hands so I am fine working 10-15 hours a day as long as it's from home or brief offline marketing stuff like giving out flyers and stuff.

    Please don't tell me to use the search fucntion as:
    1. a lot of tecniques after searching only pay net 30 or 60 and that is too long.

    2. A lot of techniques found after searching no longer work like for example: Associate Content.

    -- I was thinking more along the lines of maybe:

    1. elance- (arbitraging - articles, websites, graphics)

    2. Getting offline clients to purchase my web/graphic design and outsorcing the work to elance, rent-a-coder, etc.

    3. Make/Rehash an ebook Iram Naseen style and sell it cheap on DP and then Warrior Forum??

    4. Fivver work??

    I can't think of anything else right now.

    Of the options I gave:

    1. elance- how to secure clients?

    2. Offline local shops - How to secure clients? what services to offer?

    3. DP and WF ebook sale - What to write in copy to guarantee sales and how to get good reviews, etc?

    4. fivver- How to secure clients and was thinking link building services or articles services, so what tools to use to speed up process to work in bulk..?

    Maybe this can be a noob thread as well that I can constantly update weekly and label working/non working as new techniques are given that work, old techniques that still work, and techniques that no longer work.

    Anyway, any help would be appreiciated... and sorry about the pathetic sob story but it is true!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    PS: I guess net30-60 is not bad if I the tecnique ACTUALLY works and I actually get PAID in a month or two.
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    Building a $100+/day business from sketch is not something you can do in a day, or a week.

    1: You can make some money with it if you have skills, but definitely not more than 100/day.
    I sometimes do work on sites like those.. you can get some 'good' deals, but usually its just the regular rat race work.
    Hint: Write a good personal cover letter. Doesnt have to be too long, it justs needs to be personal. A couple times I have posted a job, and most of the applicants had copy pasted BS, or just a simple sentence or similar..

    2: If you have reference, and some sales skills you can do it. However it won't work like a snap. You will need to provide REALLY good , top service, and after a while (weeks, months) your offline clients will refer you to their mates, because you have already done such an excellent job.

    3: If you dont have an established account, or a good unique idea, I think its a no go.

    4: I don't think you could get that much from fiverr. Not even close to it..
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    If you're having trouble finding a method that will make you $100 - $200 / day, just look for the ones that will make you $10 - $20 / day and scale them up as much as possible and you can be at $100 / day in no time.

    Anytime someone asks for methods they will normally get the same responses over and over again. This is because the same basic internet marketing principles that were working when I joined this forum in 2008 are still working today in 2011.

    You will hear many people say "put your own twist on it". You may ask how. And that's where the real internet marketers are made. Some may not believe it, but skills can be innate. You get to find out if you have the mind for internet marketing. Most people do not and are not able to put twists on old ideas and keep asking for the "new" method.

    Even if you do not have the skill-set to be a $100+/ day, you can still make good money with the "old" methods. Use CPA and craigslist and earn an easy $10/day. Try to scale it up as much as possible. Get a youtube ripper. Rip as many videos as you can and upload them with your watermark. Point it to your website or adult site or dating offer or anything! This can bring in another $10/day. It's just these methods are very saturated so you won't have as much luck as you would if you used a twist.

    Start out with the old methods and start making $20+/day. Then when you continually test old/new methods, you may stumble upon a twist of your own. And then you will see the $100+/day you are looking for.
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    Sorry dude,but even if i'm high,i still don't trust you.
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    If only it were that easy. I think that your best bet is to offer a service such as link building or writing. Find out what the people need and give it to them.
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    Take a good long look at some of the highly regarded download shares on this site, or the threads in the 'making money' section that are accompanied by stars. Those guides should certainly paint workable formulas that can guide you to building your own system.

    If you want to control the money earning process to minimize risk, writing 14-15 articles a day for a writing site that pays reliably, is likely the easiest way to a sure $100 a day. Re-writing other people's ebooks (on highly in-demand topics) and selling them as WSOs on WF, say 2 at $20 a pop (15-20 copies each), is another way to make $300-400 a week each, or $700 total.

    Look for an ebook by Yukinari about setting up a minisite/blog, working only 1-2 hours daily on it by promoting it on groups, to make $30 a day per site marketed. Similar blueprints are all over the place at BHW, just hunt for them. Each of these methods do require active effort to earn with, but over time (using the profits as base capital) you then build out more passive income streams in IM.

    When all else fails, you could apply blackhat thinking writ large outside IM. Take the Bialistock approach, and outsource the production of an independent film project, for instance. Find somebody's raggedy movie script, negotiate to make a film out of it, raise $5 million or so from the kind of angels who donate for tha kind of project (yeah, the tricky part). Then make a "The Room," or "Birdemic" kind of laughable bomb of a flick, using only half the money, while pocketing the rest. Impossible? Well, nobody knows where the $4 million went in making The Room (it sure doesn't look like it was made for that much), and the director/producer isn't talking. Just saying, brainstorm, research, then make things happen.
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