$10 - Write Pinterest Board Names about Home Decor

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    Hello. I need to fill some new Pinterest accounts. Each account will have 25 boards related to home decor.

    You will have to write 10 accounts * (25 board names + 4 related keywords for each board) so that my tool can then scrape relevant images and post them automatically.

    Format required is excel / csv / ods, and it should look more or less like this:

    Important: Boards and keywords must be about interiors / homes only. Please do not use terms that display ecommerce or single products. You can make a quick Google images search to check this. Try to be broad and include all kinds of decoration types and styles.

    You can repeat *some* boards across different accounts (including keywords) but you will have to rewrite the board name and alter its order. Do not copy the exact same thing and just rewrite it because it will look as an exact duplicate and it will be rejected.

    You can use keyword tools to generate some ideas, and also Google auto complete suggestions.

    So, payment is $10 for 10 accounts containing 25 boards each + 4 related keywords for each board.

    I need only 2 different candidates, so post here your Skype ID and I will add you. Payment will be sent via Paypal only after work is complete.

    Thank you.