10 simm cards and 10 proxies


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Sep 8, 2013
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I have 10 simm cards and 10 proxies and I'm looking to do some ground work over the next couple of days creating email accounts.
I've searched around and I'm just wondering does anyone know the current capacity of accounts per number with the main providers...


From what I've read youtube is 2 accounts per number and facebook is 1.
How about yahoo/outlook?

Anything I should be doing to make the accounts stick. Like run CCcleaner after each number. Should I use proxies? The ones I have are from anonymous-proxies dot net.

Any advice appreciated
I am not sure but with gmail you can make either 2 or 5.
About Proxy Yes you'll need anonymous Proxies.
Clear cookies as well as flash cookies,flush dns,try Using different browsers.
Gmail: 6 accounts per number (3 via Text and 3 via Call)
I am not sure about Yahoo or Outlook.
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