#1 in Yahoo #69 in Google


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Sep 17, 2008
Ok, I own a site and over the past month or so I've done small SEO things to it and I've actually attempted to rank well. I've built links (under 100) but they are very powerful links as well as very powerful linkwheels (not closed).

My domain is great, it's keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.com and the keyword phrase for all 3 words gets a decent amount of monthly traffic (irrelevant). I've ended up #1 on Yahoo but #69 in Google. I've been checking only Google for the past month because I've been trying to rank in it alone. I checked Yahoo today and was very surprised.

Also, for some reason this search engine checker says I do not rank in Yahoo at all for those keywords.


According to the following backlink checker I only have 2 backlinks... I know I should have around 50 all added over a week ago.


Can someone give me some helpful insight as to why I am ranking well in Yahoo but not Google? Also I'm looking for 1 reputable person to IM with for help(+rep). The reason I say reputable is because I'll have to give away my niche.

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How long has the site been indexed in Google?

I would be happy to see if I can help you out with your site, PM me if you want.
I have a similar situation on one of my Whitehat sites, I have just started targeting a new (larger search volume) keyword.

After 2 weeks sitting in #1 in Yahoo & Bing and getting good traffic that is converting.

Currently sitting in #19 in Google (up 5 today) however debut @ #86 out of 128,000,000 exact match.

Google's algo's are heavily biased towards links. The only reason u r not ranking in google seems, ur site is new. Google takes time to rank new sites. Google also has an algo in place which checks the link age which checks how long does your links stick. Either u need large volume or very high quality links to rank with google. Google lays a lot of emphasis on trust rank. Check out the sites on the first page and analyze with the help of a competitive analysis tool like SEO for firefox(Firefox Plugin) and try to see what r those sites doing.
For long tail keywords, onpage SEO also matters.
Yahoo also places a lot of emphasis on the domain. I know that from one of my sites. I dominate Yahoo for loads fo my top terms, yet for most in Google i'm barely on the first page. Still, like you i kind of find it unimportant. Yahoo, Bing and Ask account for less than 10% of my search traffic with google supplying at least 90%.
I have a similar story, #1 in yahoo and bing for a particular phrase but number 9 now in Google because Google has several more parameters than yahoo/bing to rank sites and probably we are lacking there.

Some of the reasons are:
1. Load time of websites
2. Clean code
3. Keyword density
4. Internal linking
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