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Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by Moggy, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Im having trouble registering .us domains at 1&1. They are $0.99 at the moment, but since im not a US citizen it doesnt seem like its going to let me have them! :aargh4:

    Anyway, I was playing around, entered some legit account info but with fake address/number. Then ticked to say whois details are different from account, so entered legit info in there.

    Then it came time to pay, so obviously I tried to enter legit billing info too, but it wont let me change the country from US, which wouldnt match my card details.
    So I then decided to try Paypal, went through their setup procedure on the Paypal website, was transferred back and then told to wait some stupid amount of time like 48-72hours. I still havent received an email or anything from them.

    I get the feeling something is wrong here... why aren't domain registrations instant?

    Its bugging me because im from the EU and when you enter your real country it says they have specific offers per country and transfer you. You can get all sorts for $0.99 including .eu, .de, .nl, .fr, etc etc.

    But for what I want to use it for, I has to be .us !!! GRRRRRR
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    I have a lot of domains with 1&1. While their service is excellent their setup is SH**.

    You cant copy and paste your domain list so you have to type it all out by hand. A long job when you have a lot of domains and that is just to keep your own paperwork in order or you don't have anything to say which domains you have with them. I asked to be able to do so and they said no.

    They only bill you once a month for renewing domains and as there are no dates against the domain lists unless you know exactly in the beginning when you took them out you have no way of knowing when they are due except when they email you with the invoice.

    You also have to take out a package with them ( hosting) to be able just to register domain names. They don't use Cpanel so I don't use their hosting even though I pay for it. Its just too convoluted. I think they also charge quite a bit of excess for bandwidth as I note them counting mine. God knows how as I don't host with them. Lots of the domains are over with WhyPark while they sit and rest.
    As I said their actual service and support is great but the amount of fiddling you have to do is just not worth the small amount you save on renewals and rego.
    So my recommendation is save yourself some pain.