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    Big $ Internet
    Whats up Black Hat World!
    Im glad to be here and look forward to becoming rooted within this community.
    This not my first forum so I know how it goes at the start. Dont worry though,
    I can take the heat till I can earn yalls respect. If I say or do anything
    out of line, Be SURE to call me on it right away.
    Ill just consider it "Constructive Criticism".
    Any Ways, This is who I am, and What Im about.

    First of all - Things I am NOT and Things I Do NOT do:

    - I do Not Rip People off -

    - I am not a hacker -

    -I do NOT (try) to benefit from others misfourtune or loss -

    Things That Can, Will and Already do:
    Hookup who ever, whenever I can so long as it dont bring me down. I Got some
    hook ups in really off the wall places. I will help you Make $ if You help Me make $
    If I am already making that $ and you need to get started I can help you out.
    I am a firm believer in the (Karma) system. Not to sound like a dirty Hippie,
    but it works. (Do Good things - Good Things will Happen)
    - That method is tried and true -

    Well Enough about that /|\
    The real reason Im here is to get that MONEY and make some friends
    in the process. Im sure thats pretty much the motive on everyones agenda....
    See you in the forums!

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    Welcome! Action speak louder than words. Looking forward to your contribution.
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