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    About Buying Prepaid Sim Cards

    Im buying uk three very cheap for 1£
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    Tea or Coffee? That is the question

    I drink mushrooms elixir - lions mane ... Anyone from shrooms gang here?
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    How good/bad is your hand writing?

    Anyone here who even not satisfied with own signature, 25 and dont have good and same signature xD
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    Czech Republic Payment Gateway?

    Hey, can you send me a message? Im Czech
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    Name your 3 favorite books?

    1)The Way of the Psychonaut Book by Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof 2)The End of Procrastination: How to Stop Postponing and Live a Fulfilled Life Book by Petr Ludwig 3)The Book of Five Rings Book by Miyamoto Musashi
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    Everyday a fresh Psychology Fact !! let’s be better everyday

    Watafak mate just read this in the morning and now Im watching 1episode of Mindhunter and the guy said the same thing... F*cking synchronicity?!? Im out xD
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    Someone else is working hard on Sunday?

    Not working on Sundays! Always taking one day off to relax mind and body!
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    Frustation brought about by the pandemic ;(

    Meditate mate... Dont be angry and stressed just be...
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    Gates plan to block the sun - what could go wrong?

    12 Monkeys here we go again
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    Flat earthers

    Where is Kyrie Irving at?
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    Porn Addiction

    Real story* My friend watched porn for 7 years everyday - outcome? He is now 25 years old, without a job almost 1 year and half living in his grandma house, took pills for anxiety, spent 4 months in sanatorium after his problems with weed and other drugs which caused him bad trips, before he...
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    Do you have an idol, and if yes, who is it?

    John Wick aka Keanu Reeves