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    FTX Megathread

    i'd bet my left nut the "lost" funds were taken by SBF and other leadership on their way out
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    Hiring moderator for adult tube site. $100 / day

    6-7 days per week you look for illegal/questionable content on the home page and top-level pages of 3 adult tube websites You send us the links of any illegal/questionable content you find, we review them and remove the content. Perfect english and strong communication skills is required. Pay...
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    Monetize Adult Traffic

    internet marketing might not be a good career choice for you
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    Any Traffic Bot for Adsterra?

    this is a waste of your time. adsterra will notice and ban your account.
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    Adult advertising

    yep with popunders + native ads + mobile banners and ~40% tier 1 geos you can expect to make about $10 / day. $1 RPM
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    Ethereum Merge is successful, price doesn't change, why?

    buy the rumor, sell the news the merge was priced in months ago, look at a graph of eth vs btc -- eth has noticably outperformed btc this year. its probably because the merge was priced in.
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    [Journey] Building A Porn Tube Empire To $500 A Day

    $500 / day is ambitious for a WP tube if you're putting in the time/effort/money required to get to $500 / day, IMO you owe it to yourself to use a premium script -- KVS or mechbunny
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    What do you do most of the time during an IM day?

    regardless of how else you spend your time, its good to spend a lot of it studying what are other successful people in your niche doing.
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    What is the "Adsense" network for adult publishers?

    CPM is pretty much the same across all networks unless you have enough high-quality traffic to make a deal with a private/exclusive network. exoclick is fine, if they don't approve you try clickaine or clickadu.
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    Made over $3000 in 3 days using Reddit

    Reminds me of people who won't use words like "hardlink" in their gmail conversations. As if google might be reading your emails to see if you're involved in blackhat SEO. aint nobody got time for that!
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    How to be a computer seller?

    I always thought it would be fun to get into computer niche I would do really cool custom builds at all price points. then do writeups with performance benchmarks and component lists, and maybe make a youtube video for each build. And sell them through a shopify store.
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    I am seeing the impact of Google Helpful Content Update.

    two are going up a bit, one is going down a bit, but they're all more or less clones of each other so it seems like traffic from one is being re-allocated to the others.
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    Can reddit be sued for moderators doxing users and stalking them outside the reddit websites?

    it's an interesting case. section 230 factored heavily into the controversy surrounding both backpage and craigslists adult services sections. A federal judge actually ruled that craigslist should be allowed to keep their adult services section because of immunity provided by 230. But the DA's...
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    Can reddit be sued for moderators doxing users and stalking them outside the reddit websites?

    Section 230 bro: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider" Even the 8chan owners were never prosecuted, and they provided a platform for some of the most vile shit on...