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    is blogs worth?

    yes but cost patience and alot of factors
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    deepfake change face and voice?

    it called deepfake and not deekfake, you can check youtube for tutorials and here in bhw(i dont know if it's in bhw, because i've never encountered a thread about it)
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    ★ ★ Raw - 20$/month | Custom Rotating 4G Mobile Proxies - 30$ / Month

    I would Like Free Trial of rotating proxy
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    Factory account manual method

    you know it is expensive right and you know if the custom bot doesn't work after being built or gets outdated after YouTube updates again.
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    Factory account manual method

    Yeah that's correct.......few things to add....use youtube app.... clear cache and data storage after each process...make it human like every time dot just watch,like and comment, try changing or watching few videos too like random activity
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    *** High Quality Accounts*** Hotmail, Facebook PVA, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube ect.....

    where can I purchase YouTube accounts, your website is saying email me and not buy.
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    Diamond Damien Banned? How?

    I mean to be honest Almost Anytime i visit BHW, I see a thread of someone that got Banned I wouldnt be Surprised if Somehow Diamond Damien Got Banned(Just kidding Mods), Because BHW Mods are doing a great Job but it lowkey feels like you're Competing with Facebook Ban Bots. PS: Mods dont Ban...
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    New channel with old content

    instead of deleting just change the video publicity or leave it sometimes old videos rake alot of views unexpectedly
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    My 700+ phone farm

    How's the phone farm now?
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    Is it still possible to 0.01-0.05 clicks?

    is it still good?
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    So many views after 7 DAYS of existence

    blackhat bro or they have a community elsewhere or very good in promoting there content in another platform
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    Road to 1500 a month

    Good Luck on Your Journey. I believe You will achieve your Goals
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    Movie or Sports Full automated website script- my experience story

    he takes forever to reply