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    Looking for slickdeals posters 20$

    Hello I'm looking for slickdeals posters with an account of more than a year. 20$ per deal posted. You don't have to be an expert, but better post at 3 deals before. Acknowledge of security cameras will be preferred. Professional posters with numerous accounts are not wanted. The commission...
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    Looking for dealnews post agent

    Hi I'm looking for dealnews post agent or poster, agent preferred. PM me soon
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    Wanted local experienced ozbargain deal poster $20 per deal

    Hi I'm looking for two local experienced ozbargain deal posters. I have deals to post every week. If you have an aged account, it couldn't be better Skype: +86 18826104149 Or message me here
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    Experienced Redflagdeals Poster with Aged Account 20$ per Post

    Hi guys, I would like to hire 3 experienced canadian redflagdeals posters with an aged and good reputation account. 20$ per deal posted. We have deals to share every week so we're looking for long term cooperation. PM me soon