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    Anyone tried Ouja board here ?

    I was around 7 or 8 at the time, around 1980 and ouija boards were the latest craze in our area for some reason. My friend had a home made one on the back of a picture in his den (brick built shed). There was probably 5 of us doing it at the time saying 'Is anybody there?' and all of a sudden we...
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    What is the most adventurous thing you have done in life?

    I used to surf, rockclimb etc now the most adventurous thing I do is get out of bed.
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    Anyone tried Ouja board here ?

    I used to when I was younger until we heard someone knocking and shate ourselves!!! Now I just try and sell them. One important thing, always say and do a goodbye at the end as it closes the connection between us and the spirit world.
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    jasper alternative

    I have never used Jasper but I'm about to buy Katteb on AppSumo for $29. I'm using it for product descriptions which I'm impressed with but one in about 20 may be a virtual copy of what you have put in. You get 2000 words trial but cannot produce an article with that as they restrict you but on...
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    Let's assume I have unlimited AI writing tool for free

    I second @MuayThai said but do it quick as I'm about to buy one!!!
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    Hostinger down?

    It was around May 13th 2022 it went down because I commented on their Twitter post but the comment has now vanished on the 17th. Below is the only response I got from them as I had to email them to find out what the hell was going on! At the moment, we're having a technical issue with some of...
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    Hostinger down?

    My site went down on Hostinger and they tried to tell me it was me who had the problem, around 12 hours later they realised it was their end! 5 days later it was still down and I had limited access to my back ups as they were having problems with the main servers and back up servers and I...
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    Windows 11, Should I upgrade or not?

    Well I decided to upgrade, the only difference I have noticed is when I click on a button for example, it doesn't always open the first time, which is annoying.
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    Any decent or good ai content tool in appsumo?

    I've been using Katteb to rewrite product descriptions, it offers a free trial of 2000 words. the down side is, if you want it to do more than one variation, it uses more credits unlike CopyAi which offers you around 5 variations. I haven't used it for blog posts though but someone purchased it...
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    Windows 11, Should I upgrade or not?

    Hi everyone. I know Blackbeans asked this question in April but I just wanted your latest opinions. My son gave me his laptop as he doesn't use it which is Windows 11 compatable to replace my old slow laptop. Have you upgraded and kept it or upgraded and downgraded again? Thanks
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    ❇️❇️[MEGA BOOSTER Package]~ ✅Skyrocket Your Site HIGH PA/DA - ❇️The FUTURE of SEO is NOW ✅ Strategy 100% Manually

    @crea8ivesolution what would I have to provide you with, to get this service? Thanks
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    Do you own a car?

    No longer driving due to health reasons but had a transit van which I loved driving but got fed up with people crashing into me, I've been in 9 crashes and not one was my fault!
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    Katteb AI writer, what are your views?

    Hi, I was looking at AI Writers on AppSumo today and came accross (never heard of it before!) and just wondered what your views are? On AppSumo its $29 for a lifetime deal of 15,000 words per month but the lowest package you can buy per month is $9 for 30,000. I've only tried it to...
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    What do you do with your 'poor' articles?

    Content that has not been published and is poor in my opinion.