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    In 2022 crypto go to shit?

    I think its gonna be 9-18 months bear market and then will be bullish after that again. Next bitcoin ATH could be 100-250k. also watch out for ethereum, could get more valuable than btc. cheers
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    I edit the theme but the change doesn't show.

    Yes thats a caching plugin...
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    I edit the theme but the change doesn't show.

    Try refreshing the site without cache (cmd+shift+r), as well as deactivating any caching plugin.
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    how to change voice with sony Vegas?

    Hello sir, i dont know exactly what you want to do, in what kind of way do you want to change the voice?
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    4g proxy recommendation just for one main account?

    100 usd for one month seems crazy. Just do your research how to scrape for proxies and you get some very easily and free.
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    Which is the best software/application Torrents?

    For macos you can go to mactorrents dot com its the best macos torrent for software. if you mean torrent applications just use deluge its the best one and open source. cheers mate
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    Best image background remover 2022

    Just use photoshop with its new automatic selection tool
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    Why does MrBeast upload on saturdays?

    It depends on you audience, he probably analyzed it and the most of his viewers are online at these times. cheers
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    I will start cheating the YouTube monetization system

    Very interesting, please keep us updated on your progress
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    Sony vegas or adobe?

    Just go with premiere. Its overall the better choice and in regards to speed it depends on many variables, like your pc hardware and drivers, the video codecs used for recording and then for rendering. many variables, and i think it would be the same speed on the exact same system and codecs...
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    Google Colab Pro Account

    Hey, since 2 weeks I'm experimenting with Google Colab to create digital art and I'm wondering if a Pro Acc (10 usd per month) would be a benefit or unnecessary. So I have 2 questions: - Has anybody got any experience with Google Colab and/or with the Pro version of it and can share their...
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    How can i do this kind of video

    Yes, anushady is right, you have to create each of the elements (with photoshop or similar software) and stick it together in a video editor program (like Premiere Pro). There you can animate the elements and underline it with music and stuff. You can contact me if you need someone to create...
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    How to create amazing videos?

    Yes, good luck and tell me how it went! maybe also send me some examples, so i can give feedback.
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    How to create amazing videos?

    Hello, these "visual effects" are generally described as "Motion Graphics", so maybe do some research with that keyword. Regarding the video, this style of video can be created with Premiere Pro or After Effects, as well as many other video editing software. I don't know if there are any apps...
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    Like this here: