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    Siteground = Absolute Shit

    wtf $30 for 1 WordPress install, I host 5 low traffic sites on a $10 server with cloudways so umm, no?
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    Siteground = Absolute Shit

    because Im not a techy guy and I like their support, it's still cheaper than siteground.
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    Siteground = Absolute Shit

    Not to mention that their renewal fee is ridiculously overpriced. I ditched them and went with cloudways.
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    A Week with a ferret I got asked by someone to post or share

    Looking forward to hearing more about your ferrets.
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    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    You can, but OP was suggesting that you should make a landing page, and he is right. I said that you don't need a website for it, just post your article into your own sub and share that. Direct linking barely works, it's like walking up to people on the street and asking them if they need life...
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    [Method] - Cashing in on Reddit - Q&A method

    I guess you are sharing a domain which is marked as spam, buy a cheap domain and redirect your afflink.
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    If You Dont Ask - You Dont Get

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    Newbie - need advice

    What's your talent? If you like writing articles, emails and shit then do SEO. If you like creativity, do POD.
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    Do you wear t-shirts at office ?

    I work at home in underwear or naked.
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    Which is the one only coin that you plan to hold for lifetime?

    I toss every coin to the witcher.
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    Get FREE Access To Semrush's Backlinks Tools

    They are running a promo till 2022 where you can use their backlink tools for free. You won't have access to their other tools, but it's a great ahrefs alternative for a few months. LP: