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    I have a $100/card affiliate program, is this more than anyone pays today?

    My company was offered an affiliate program for credit cards, such as Capital One cards, Discover cards, HSBC cards, etc., and they pay $100 per approval. Is there a higher paying affiliate program. They told me they can't have too many affiliates so we have to get at least 50 approvals a month...
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    [AMA] IG Automation + Monetization - DEADZ

    I have a few questions... 1. Suppose I use an aged pva account to follow and unfollow but I don't want those users to follow that specific account but another one (like when you delete an account, make a new one, and ask your followers to follow that the new one). How successful would this be to...
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    NEED ADVICE: WHAT SCRIPT/PLUGIN IS PUTLOCKER.TODAY USING? I am trying to start a movie streaming site within the next few weeks and want to learn as much as possible about this industry. I want the site to actually have the movie on it, meaning you wouldn't need to click a link to go to...