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    How to make Money on Tiktok without Posting
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    [Journey] My Quest to defeat Google with Undetectable AI Content - (from 0 to $2000/month)

    I see, will that involve tweaking the algorithim for checking readability and how, or leaving it as it is?
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    What are you using to generate a big keyword lists (20-30-50K) ?

    Lots of bulk keyword tools out there.
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    [Journey] My Quest to defeat Google with Undetectable AI Content - (from 0 to $2000/month)

    Sounds interesting, can you explain more details about this algorithm and how it works?
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    Split notification dashboard for sellers / smarter notification management

    Currently, all alerts are shown in one central dasboard, the notification area: I saw a post where another seller said they were flooded with messages. This might already be planned for Marketplace 2.0, but the base of my suggestion is for a split...
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    Want to hire a pro coder.

    Sent you a message!
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    Job so easy a dog could do it

    Why not hire a dog then?
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    [BlogPro AMA] 1500 Posts - Ask about PAA Sites / Data Enriched Sites / Job Boards / Scraping / AI / ML - Go Ahead!

    Might be an obvious question but can you explain more about this and how it would look like?
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    [Weekend Thread ] Internet Speed Saturday, Share your speed .

    Not a bad deal, I do have to say.
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    WTF is going on BHW with all these spam accounts?

    Dude, this is what the report button is there for.
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    Someone is trying to buy my BHW account

    So.. I take it your account isn't for sale then?
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    [Journey] 1 million UVs/month in 12 months using AI generated content. Let's do it!

    Great read @Sartre. I wanted to pick your brain on a couple of details. 1. How did you acquire this database and where could I get one? 2. Can you elaborate more on your processs in relation to analyzing topical relevancy to the keyword / snippet - using spacy or something similar I take it...
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    [Journey] 5 x AI Sites | 5 Different Approaches | 1 Million Cumulative UVs/Month

    Sounds awesome, I don't know if you would consider releasing this? Very intersting.