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    ✅ SEMRUSH GURU $7 ✅ ENVATO ELEMENTS $14 ✅ MOZ PRO $7 ✅ CANVA $7 ✅ SHUTTERSTOCK $7 ✅ FREEPIK $14 ▶️ and more ◀️

    Hey mate, order a SEMRUSH account. Awaiting details. Thanks.
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    [Journey] $3000/ Month consistent Affiliate comissions

    One week into the thread, and it's clear I need to hire a writer asap. I'm kind of low on budget at the moment, but I plan to spend all that comes on content. I'm looking at $20-40/ 1000 words for good quality. Writing at the quantity and quality needed for the niche(health) is such a chore for...
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    [Journey] $3000/ Month consistent Affiliate comissions

    1. $12 a pop. I bought them via auction (it took about a month though, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack and I lost some good ones as well). I think some sellers doctor their metrics with their internal PBN network might not be a bad thing, just what I perceived checking them out. 2...
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    [Journey] $3000/ Month consistent Affiliate comissions

    I've been on here for a while. I always tell myself I'll open a journey thread when I start getting consistent results, well... it hasn't happened. Encouraged by Blooop's response here. I decided it makes sense to document my journey regardless if I succeed or fail, and I'm hoping this thread...
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    [Journey] How I'm Creating a Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing and Ads Business

    Thanks for the detailed response Bloooop! You bet I'm opening my journey thread within the next 3 days. All the best with your goals.
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    [Journey] How I'm Creating a Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing and Ads Business

    Hey @Bloooop, following your journey threads keeps me on my toes. Thank you for doing it how you do it! You've covered a lot about Business mechanics and SEO. But how do you manage yourself every day to stay consistently productive? Especially in the early days (I know you can afford better...
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    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Hey man, how do you get search volume and difficulty using this approach? I use a similar method, but really on paid tools for SV and difficulty.
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    [GET] 5 Free Jr.VIP memberships - First come, first serve.

    Choose your death type already. DDOS or Google Penalty???
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    where i can start learning SEO ?

    If you know your way around the forum or follow some SEO journey threads you would be well feed. Check out, it gives a good overview and links to good resources.
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    PLease Dont Promote Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

    If the customers want their money back, there's nothing anyone can do about it. How long was the money-back guarantee offered with the product?
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    [NEWS] Gutenberg 11.5 It´s HERE!! - Big Step Forward

    Does this replace Elementor and other page builders?