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    instagram delete my post!!!

    Hmm. That has happened to me and it was due to my IP being banned by Instagram. Do you use any Bots or anything? If yes, do you use any proxies? It may be also due to the image you are posting. If it is an image which does not meet Instagram's policy. Try uploading the picture with another...
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    Its time to remove this shit from PC (Firefox)

    Yes it does. If it is the owned by the city son't use it. Best regards, Tar2ed
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    Its time to remove this shit from PC (Firefox)

    I have been to the about config section and have made several tweaks. Best regards, Tar2ed
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    Its time to remove this shit from PC (Firefox)

    I am currently using Firefox due to the tech monster: Google. I have stopped using Google due to privacy concerns. I do not like being spied and being monitored. Every link you click, every video you watch, every thing you say to your Google Home is gathered by them and by 3rd parties. A good...
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    Post image with watermark

    Hmm I don't know sorry. Best regards, Tar2ed
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    Should I use NCS music?

    NCS music to be honest is one of most used music on nearly every YouTube vidéo. I really do hate these musics because they have been played so often. This makes me quit the video straight away. Best regards, Tar2ed
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    Post image with watermark

    I personnally created a logo with Adobe Illustrator and then exported it. I then imported it to Canva and use it on every picture. Best regards, Tar2ed
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    Instagram instantly deactivated my account?

    Happened to me a few days ago. It is effectively your IP which has been flagged and banned by Instagram. If you try to create another account they will ban it straight away. I have a program which delete all the cookies stored on my computer and other things as well. This has then resolved the...
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    Hello Everyone on BHW!

    Hi Nickola! Enjoy your time on BHW!
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    What is the 1 thing you would like to automate today ?

    Send me the link for it. :D
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    What is the 1 thing you would like to automate today ?

    That's a good idea!
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    Samurai's Final Journey 'The showdown' - Amazon Affiliate $5000/month All or Nothing

    Interesting... I am curious to what will happen. I will keep watching the thread.
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    [Giveaway] Free Instagram Accounts For All

    Hi! I'm interested! Thank you for giving FREE accounts!
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    Greating all

    Hi! It is great to have you here! Enjoy your time!
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    Hi! Enjoy yourself on the BHW forum!