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    optimized your blog post images Install cache plugin ( if site on wordpress) image size should be less than 50kb
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    Changing the URL structure?

    you can
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    SEO for blog

    Use Keyword in Your title Use keyword in first Paragraph Use keyword in subheadings Use keyword in body Content Use keyword in Last paragraph If your article length 1000 Words then you have to use keyword 5 to 8 times in content
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    Do follow backlink through AI generated article

    No, it is Spam article.
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    Changing the URL structure?

    Go to WordPress dashboard, tap setting section and select permalinks. after that, you can select URL structure
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    When to start link building?

    if your site is blogging site then you don't need to panic. only, you post daily.
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    I am New Guy

    Thanks for the warm Welcome
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    I am New Guy

    i am weak in English writing and speak but Will learn in a day
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    Changing the URL structure?

    what your site on Wordpress?
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    Changing the URL structure?

    how many url want to redirect? if 5 to 10 that's ok but if you are redirecting 100+ URL then site rank will down.
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    I am New Guy

    Hello All Members, i am new guy in this forum. we are web development company in the across the World. we will help and share our knowledge.