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    [WTB] Anyone still selling claude accounts?

    Need a couple of claude accounts for some personal projects. Anyone still selling them?
  2. SunnyLeon

    Need Wikipedia and Wikidata pages

    I need someone to help me build Wikidata and Wikipedia pages for a business. The price should be decent and the links have to stick
  3. SunnyLeon

    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    This is really awful, sorry to hear this. It hit my websites as well, but it wouldn't be a grind if I stopped here. Please tell me this: How is your EEAT? Do you offer strong signals on the website that you are a professional? I made important efforts in developing EEAT and it looks like it...
  4. SunnyLeon

    Google August 2023 Core Update

    Waited for this thread. Well, dunno what could happen during this update, considering the volatility the engine has had for weeks.. Maybe it will go backwards and calm the internet a little:)
  5. SunnyLeon

    Why this price disparity

    Free market baby! Ugly people need love too!
  6. SunnyLeon

    How can I add ads.txt if I am using GoDaddy Website builder?

    I haven't used Godaddy website builder in particular, but any hosting provider offers you some kind of access to the root files. Find out what that access looks like. Contact live chat and ask them how you can upload a txt file to the root of your installation. They should be able to guide you...
  7. SunnyLeon

    How can I add ads.txt if I am using GoDaddy Website builder?

    Why can`t you access the root directory? What hosting are you using?
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    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Dunno if you've gone through the whole journey, but it is surely worth the hassle. Kikerinka gave all the information about the products sold on the website throughout the journey. I don't think they will be able to give you more information aside from what was already given without giving away...
  9. SunnyLeon

    Just a thought on SEO generally...

    Not just that. But different leaks like the Yandex leak offer a lot of valuable information. But even some of the most experienced SEOs have only read what other people said about that leak instead of going through the document themselves.
  10. SunnyLeon

    Wikipedia business page creation needed

    Any professional able to create a business Wikipedia page? Not a link in an existing article, but an article about a business.
  11. SunnyLeon

    ✅✅ Boost MOZ DA 50+ Guaranteed ✅✅

    Send me a sample as well pls
  12. SunnyLeon

    [Journey] Scaling an Authority website to 10K a month (and beyond)

    Everything OK? missing your updates:)
  13. SunnyLeon

    How does Chat GPT help you?

    I switch him to DAN mode, ask him to talk dirty to me and then touch myself while crying. Everyone has their own kinks I guess..
  14. SunnyLeon


    Is the price right? Is it $1478? And why is it so high? Can I see a sample of the service?
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