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    Need a Gravity Forms expert

    I'm looking to copy a form with calculations from a site or fix my current one. Think of it like pulling prices off a table. Conditional pricing based on brackets. I have a form that works similar but not quite. For example: Bracket A: 1-5 price $1 Bracket B: 6-10 price $2 if the customer...
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    SER Powerhouse

    much like any other tool, its only as good as its user.
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    Scammed by Kingjones1994

    In all my years here in BHW, I've never been scammed but I guess there is a first time for everything. User Kingjones1994 (Skype: swaggdaddytv) paid initial deposit but still owes the balance for the website completed. I wouldn't be surprised if he disputes the initial deposit on his card...
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    Must have WP plugins

    Forget iThemes, use Shield - its all you need for security and anti-spam All in one seo pack
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    Stuck on my First Amazon Site

    sounds like your site needs more authority. when I'm stuck like this I use Leith's moresignals sometimes it's not about what you did but what you are missing
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    ❇️[TARGETONE] ▶️ Huge Link Diversity & Rank Boosting At One Place ▶️ Special Deals

    I received a free review for a Little Pack. - Thanks I was impressed they took the time to research my niche. The content used was great (English was good, it sounded like a native English speaker was writing). I only wish they used more random names for profiles as I found some to have the...
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    [Help] method to download from shutterstock?

    if your bot doesn't use fb access tokens, you are using the wrong bot with that said, don't risk it for money sites.
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    Hosting PBN - still some questions

    don't use cloudflare best is relative / subjective, that said the best as of late for me is bulkbuy
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    Hiring FB Ads Advertiser/Manager

    Hey buddy, I live in Manila. If you are serious about marketing I can hook you up with the people who do advertising for the Chilis Group. Chilis is a big group and their budget is huge but I'm sure you'll be able to work something out with the advertiser. Send me a message.
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    [FREE REVIEW COPIES] - Diversity Package - PBN Store

    i'll take a review if there's still a spot
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    Software For Selling & Delivering Services – SPP

    discount still available?