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    10K a month with music

    It would be nice if you could hit me a DM. Because my account is so new i am not able to send you one. I have been streaming since late 2018 and would like to ask you something in private. Thanks in advance buddy :)
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    Spotify bot questionig

    Bots are not the way to go dude. The only way how you can create stream is with a farm. And even that is very risky. Your music can get banned really quick. You need to have a bulletproof method and not get greedy to be profitable.
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    Spotify not paying royalties

    I think he is wrong. Maybe he only got shadowbanned.
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    Expanding music streaming to other services

    bots are not the way to go dude
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    Spotify not paying royalties

    Streaming has become so damn hard lol back in the days it was soo easy... 30 sec tracks, millions of streams on one album/artist and so on. But now it looks like only a handful of poeple is still profitable
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    Spotify not paying royalties

    I would also be inetersted in that
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    Run Spotify correctly on remote server

    @dedek said it before. Try to not use RDC
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    Farm to stream computer

    I tried them all. Only spotify and Apple Music are working good. And please stay lowkey or you will get nothing. Huge amount of music and low amount of listeners is the way to go. The good old days of making huge amounts of money are over bud
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    Spotify Botting

    I I never used a bot for streaming but i heard from many people that botting isnt working anymore. You either get deleted or shadow banned
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    10K a month with music

    I guess there are easier methods to make money atm
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    10K a month with music

    Streaming on spotify has become so damn hard! So hard that I actually stopped it in january 2021 because you always get deleted, shadow banned or similar. Also you cant make as much as back in the days. Think twice if you really want the headache lol
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    10K a month with music

    Great journey man! I started streaming back in late 2018 and was damn profitable for a long time till the ban wave in january 2021 kicked in. I had sooo many albums deleted all at once. Didnt want to use spotify as well because of the password reset (not possible to reset the passwords for...
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    Which Streaming Distributor works best?

    Hey there, I have been streaming since late 2018 but quit in january 2021 after the huge ban waves took place. I have new ideas to dodge the system so i am going to start streaming again. Now my question: Which Distributor works best atm? I have used so many in the past and always had some...
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    gm, I quit streaming a little over 1 year ago. But i feel like i should try to get back on track. There must be new ways to dodge the system. I have some ideas already which could work and i am going to try it out and share my journey with like minded people. I am sure that someone is reading...
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    Looking for streaming information

    The golden era of streaming with bots is over bud. Nowdays you gotta grind hard and do a lot of stuff manually.