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    Feedback & Growing our Affiliate Program

    Hi Guys, We have recently launched our new affiliate program and are looking for feedback & suggestions from the BHW community. Link: Here are is kinda the information we are looking for in general: 1) What are you initial...
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    Did anyone else loose hostwinds referralls?

    What did they tell you when you spoke to them on the phone?
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    VPS hosting for HydeMyAss VPN.

    You should be fairly safe with most any Windows VPS provider, just double-check they allow the use of private VPN/Proxy. You will need to use RDP or something similar such as VNC, Teamviewer, etc. - there are a few html 5 RDP clients out there, but I wouldn't expect them to work as well as RDP...
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    cheapest windows vps for rdp out there?

    Why? Some of the largest VPS providers around are nothing more than hosts renting hardware from a datacenter and using it to host the VPS's. There is nothing wrong with being a reseller and in many cases that will be the best way to go when it comes to the VPS world as very few datacenters...
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    High risk merchant account recommendations

    Which forms of payment and currency are you needing to accept? What is your industry?
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    Good and also cheap hosting

    HostGator is equally crap, check out the sticky in this section!
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    How start my own hosting business?

    +1 We have seen a lot of resellers begin to do nothing more than being an affiliate as you usually make the same profit with none of the work involved. If you can find a good affiliate program which offers recurring commissions you can easily create your self a good salary with doing nothing...
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    Hosts with Good Discount for 1 Year Prepaid

    What is your largest concern on this front, that someone will steal your info from the host or that they will share it with others? If so, then avoiding "crap" hosts will be all you need and to ensure you double-check their privacy policy. Many of the large (EIG like) hosts may sell your...
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    Can anybody recommend a free and good VPS service?

    They aren't known in the industry for providing great service, but honestly if the vps boots up you got what you paid at $1 a month. OP -, post and see what happens.
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    Spoof servers?

    GVH & Ecatel more characters
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    Web Site Hosting Service that Accepts Anonymous Payment

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish and what payment method are you looking to use?
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    Good VPS provider for list marketing?

    Back with a new account to self promote again?
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    My Website - spam abuse

    Which CMS are you using for your website?
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    help with shared hosting for casino hack related site

    As long as you aren't hosting anything illegal you should be able to use just about any host out there, what are your concerns?