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    [Nargil's Expired & Premium PBN Domains] - TF/DA/Referring Domains Based

    This is some top shit. Not only are the domains A*, but Nargil's support, speed and overall professionalism is exceptional. 10/10 would build PBN empire again.
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    CloudPBN - Anyone tried this PBN automation software?

    Must be shite then
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    Thinking about Moving to Bali :) How's the internet connection ?

    Because we're working, not downloading porn.
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    How to balance the NO/Do Follow ratio? I have 99% do follow.

    Ah, the myth of nofollow being part of a "natural link profile" strikes again!
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    My start-up just dropped a $10k IM budget on me

    Go back and ask for a real budget. Tell your startup not to half arse things. If you're not building a churn and burn or a lead generation site, you need a proper budget for a proper strategy.
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    need confusing SEO words to impress client

    "You need a holistic SEO Strategy that increases your share of voice through a use of harnessing link equity through external web properties while incorporating a transcendent optimisation scheme on your landing pages that will result in enlightened engagement"
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    Is it possible to turn $100k into 1 million dollars in 2 years?

    You're seriously asking this question on BHW?
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    The Big Dog Income System #1 - 301 Redirects from

    Webeden javascript redirects still work too.
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    What are the top ten on Google really using as tier 1 links ?

    I'll try not to lose sleep over it.
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    LOL this is exactly why you cant rely on metrics alone

    Cool, thanks OP just bought it and redirected it to your money site.
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    What are the top ten on Google really using as tier 1 links ?

    Again, go rank for "online casino" and tell me that it doesn't convert.
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    Best way to spamlink my competition in Google?

    Trollers gonna troll.
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    What are the top ten on Google really using as tier 1 links ?

    You've obviously never ranked for that KW then, otherwise you'd realise how stupid that statement was.
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    Using 10 tiers

    You couldn't be any more wrong. Look at how PageRank (actual PageRank) works and its diminishing returns effect.