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    proxy servers and scrapebox

    Personally I've always used scrapebox in my VPS and it doesnt make any difference when you use proxies compared to doing it in your own machine, apart from being able to leave it 24/7 online. Scrapebox and proxies are like bros, moreover, considering that generally the word scrape and proxy are...
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    What are your methods on choosing your next blog topics?

    It's almost impossible to predict the future. That is reserved for the seers The rest of the mortals just find things that are already working but don't have a huge competence and try to do it better than the rest.
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    Blasting Spam Links To Youtube Videos

    If they don't drive traffic, they are worthless. YT and GMB algo works similarly in this aspect.
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    EZOIC Is Killing My Speed, Which Network You Recommend?

    After a good investment of time, I've never been able to optimize this s**t, they use a dynamic loader for scripts, so they are permanently appearing: you solve one and a new one appears after a short while. Personally I have many sites, and I need a "set and forget" self-clause, at least in...
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    Advice on buying a high DA link

    You can only start benchmarking when you have bought a whole ton of articles. Personally, to learn if I were you I will start flying low and build experience from there. As many things in SEO there isn't a rule of thumb for this. There are pages of link selling (newspapers and all that) that...
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    How soon do new backlinks typically take to work?

    It depends a lot on the incoming link site. In fact, you can track when the bot has passed through the referral to see how it may start to impact in your site. Some may be a week, some may be a month or a year... there is no rule of thumb for this. Basically, we think in terms of building...
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    How to hidden link

    If this idea is meant to fool somehow the crawling spiders for some weird SEO purpose, I would not recommend it. Consider that Google checks many versions of your site, not only the one from Google agent itself, and this is technically "deceiving" the crawler. Apart from this, you can easily...
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    Bing error- <h1> tag is missing.

    In the HTML tag for the header section set it to H1 (the tittle in the top of the page)
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    Is SEO Dead in 2022?

    Sure, you still have 1 month a half to become a SEO millionaire.
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    How is this new site ranking for super tough keywords without any backlinks?

    There were many examples of this scenario, and most attributed the success to full copy (CTR) + great content, but personally, I'm relatively sure, that there are hidden PBN links that are pumping those sites. Obviously, a huge CTR may also pump them temporarily (if not permanently if the copy...
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    Backlink from a competitor - Advantage or disadvantage?

    Almost always is an advantage unless it has done some type of link stuffing which may affect self more than yours. The thing here is that many "competitors" believe in the idea that sharing value may end in reciprocate actions and also may end ranking for multiple result-oriented keywords. For...
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    You've Created A Website, Now What?

    Many people here talk about redirects when they ask Where have you obtained the info that redirects are a good idea? Can you cite your sources? I'm just curious about this.
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    Where to start when it comes to improving my rankings

    It depends on your budget and the time you need to make it happen.
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    Can GSA SER be used as tier 1?

    I would not use any automator for tier 1, unless the money site is fishy AF. If you want a very solid MS better not to do weird things and play as solid as possible. Many people regret not doing solid MS and recovering is not an easy task. It can take age, while the benefits of blasting so near...
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    Crypto currency marketing agency

    Is just a crypto, or does it involve any kind of NFT?