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    How would you profit from a 100.000 email list?

    do a newsletter and sell ad space
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    Bhad Bhabie (Catch me outside) made $50 MILLION IN 2021!!?

    Honestly that sounds like a fun and fruitful partnership. If you acquire the right skill set and streamline the process you can easily scale by employing more girlfriends. Increasing AOV through cross-promotion etc... My previous post was just hinting at the fact that most guys aren't confident...
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    Making $42 MILLION

    Dr Phil liked your reply
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    Installed Brave Browser

    it's the best there is
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    Bhad Bhabie (Catch me outside) made $50 MILLION IN 2021!!?

    Sry for being a smart ass Sugar Boy a young man who provides companionship and/or sexual relations in exchange for gifts and/or money You need to be of reasonable attractiveness for it to work. Though all the emotional bs they go through (IF they do it themselves) I'd imagine a lot of them...
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    Youtube losing to Tiktok?

    Investor after Google's earnings call: "We think revenue results were largely fine (search beat slightly, same for cloud), but not enough to soothe investors' rising ad recession anxiety, nor growing TikTok competition concerns after YouTube missed again and by a larger margin than prior,"
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    Bhad Bhabie (Catch me outside) made $50 MILLION IN 2021!!?

    Forget IM. Become sugar boy for lonely OF thots nobody wants a relationship with
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    BHW is on Netflix

    Barely Sociable already did a great job in covering this. Highly doubt that netflix flick can add something worth mentioning to it
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    Scammers are getting better and better!

    Sure you got these people thinking they're special and deserve to trick the system that get scammed. But idk if stupid and desperate is the right term if you falling for this: Incautious and impulsive maybe
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    Which browser can replace Chrome in future and why ?

    Brave because crypto crowd is already using it mostly and security/privacy oriented
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    Why should we trust Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse?

    tbf I'd rather trust an awkward lizard that just tryna be loved by society than the Chinese government. Also instagram has become increasingly harder to spam. So when it comes to moderation they're probably better than most other social networks (for the consumer) Female teens comparing...
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    I wonder, did someone from BHW ever bought any NFTs?

    newer market participants = more inefficiencies to exploit