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    TeamSocials 2nd Journey, $300/Day Long term Journey

    Long time to see you from your first journey :D. Do you still banking with CPI (Ogads) or you made switch to promote product now? Anyway good luck with your journey and I'm very expecting to see your updates :)
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    Whats the best tumblr niches?

    Hey, I also wanting to try out with tumblr and cpi. Do you monetize tumblr blogs with cpi? I hear that tumblr is a very strict network and hard to monetize. I want to know does it worth to go deep into tumblr before invest money to buy Tumbling Jazz bot and proxy. So, I'm very appreciate if you...
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    Honest review on tips/products from my 6 month social media journey

    Good post, and congrats to your success. I have a question about proxy. How many accounts do you use per proxy with tumblr? Does it safe to use 2 accounts per proxy?
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    Massive Social Media Success Journey [JOIN ME!]

    Nice journey, keep working :) Any updates?
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    Using followliker for instagram CPA

    Do you monetize with content locking cpa? Or direct cpa offers? I want to start with IG but don't know if content locking with IG is worth or not
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    Mass Video Blaster Pro - Edit And Upload YT Videos On The Fly

    Hi In last two days I got this issue Failed to get token for adding 301 views for video with ID ... Reason: We're processing this video. Check back later. Please help
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    Mass Video Blaster Pro - Edit And Upload YT Videos On The Fly

    Hi, How can I mass edit links in description with MVB Pro? I don't see any option in the Edit video window
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    My 2nd journey to 200$ per day with YouTube and CPA.

    Do you add 301 views after upload? I also using MVB, upload daily but can't upload more than 2000 videos because add 301 views take very much time
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    What type of offers convert on bing?

    Hi, Does content locking (blackhat & whitehat) convert nice on bing?
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    [Unlimited] Active Bing Ads/ Adcenter Account Giveaway - 100% Free

    I would really love to try this, thx :)
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    Mass Video Blaster Pro - Edit And Upload YT Videos On The Fly

    Hi. Does 1 core CPU and 1GB RAM VPS enough to run MVB? My own internet is slow, so I can't do mass upload :)
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    REUPLOAD - 70$+ per day Porn Uploading system

    Can you send me the pdff? Thanks
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    Journey with Instagram and CPA to $1/day

    oh sorry, I don't want to steal your niche :), I just want to know you're doing bh or wh niche. I want to start monetizing on instagram by using wh niche but do not know where to start :( I just search for some hashtag like arianagrande and saw some guys use clash of clans and hack niche. It...
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    Journey with Instagram and CPA to $1/day

    Are you in fashion/fitness niche? Good luck on your journey, just scale and you'll earn more :)
  15. S | Mobile [CPA/CPI] Incent Network | Mobile Content Locker | High $CR%

    just signed up under the same username, looking forward to work with you :)