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    Do you stop link building?

    If I want the first place I keep building links until I get it. After that it depends on resources, other keywords I want to target etc so I will usually stop and keep my eye on it.
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    Changing permalink of existing post in Wordpress, will break exist backlinks?

    Redirecting the old URL to the new one should take care of it for you. But I wouldn't change the URL unless you really have to, particularly if the post had links and was ranking.
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    Google update again?!

    Yeah, definitely another update rolling out.
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    Does Bolding Text Have Any Impact on SEO?

    Apparently it has a small effect. But I doubt that you'll notice the difference in any competitive SERP
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    [Opinion Needed] Can the old contents be used in the new sites?

    Deindex the content and then you are fine to reuse it. Make sure that it is actually good content first though.
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    BackLinks from Existing posts

    Backlinks from existing posts are good, you certainly want them
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    It s getting on my nerves

    What makes you think that the keywords you are targeting should be easy to rank for? Most search terms that are worth money and have around 3000 searches per month are usually not low competition, and are often dominated by authority sites. Your articles being long doesn't mean much on its own...
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    30$ = 30 PBN + 50 Web2.0

    Can I see samples please
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    Website, Logo, Banner, Business Cards, Infographics Design at a Special BHW Price!

    Do you do sales pages for sales threads?