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    Tool to manager 60 freelance writers

    Put your big boy pants on. I extract just Chapter 8 which is all you need.!zLozVC5A!SecC9tAr3OPYfADNktlRjP4GJ16yr-2nzU5_wOwxz9U
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    Finally Sold my site on flippa for $400 which was earning 0

    I don't know. Probably. You can find brokers for anything. They will do their job description: make you broker aka more broke than you currently are now. If not, you may have identified an unmet need that you could actually do... I'm sure there are people out there looking for 'a simpler way'...
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    Any way to find underused/abandoned sites efficiently?

    Be careful... it could be a thin site that was hit my Google Medic update... If it has decent DA/PR/Backlink Juice it could be worth it. You can do these checks very simply. You said 'not completely tedious'... is typing a domain name into a field and clicking a button fit under this or is that...
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    Finally Sold my site on flippa for $400 which was earning 0

    Yeah Flippa has changed its rules/charges. Essentially they increased them. lol
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    Job portal / News portal- advice

    An idea: Translate every page to English... Either post on the site with canonical lang?=EN... or you could register an appropriate domain name and just re-post everything in English. I know it "doesn't make sense because the users are Serbian etc." but most successful ideas are...
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    Website Seller's Remorse

    That's really funny... every site I've sold... I've never checked it or looked at it again... For some reason I just never thought of that... Might be a good idea to see if the site owner did anything with it (I could contact them and get the site back) or maybe they didn't renew the domain...
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    Legality of domains with peoples names

    If in doubt, your are probably doing the wrong thing. I got no problems with law-breakers. I just disrespect the ones that get caught. Make sure your using VPN's, TOR, proxies, legit details (for registering domains this is a must) but not your own of course. Yeah...
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    Finally Sold my site on flippa for $400 which was earning 0

    The buyer knows what he's doing. I'm currently buying up 'medic hit sites' for cheap because of many reasons; plenty listed here. I.e. they get Pinterest or Instagram traffic. They are full of content I can re-use on sites not hit by updates or just as content for - we all know the value of...
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    CHRISTMAS SALE! | Boost Your Traffic with Paigham Bot The ULTIMATE Contact Form Submitter!

    The review video is from 2015... is there any updated review videos? This software looks good, though with all software of these sorts, they need to be configured, tweaked, and generally take a bit of time to get going to the ultimate level of what you need. What really jumped out at me was...
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    how much can i ask for a 500 visit a month website?

    Hey, some things have changed for me. I will buy this site. Really doesn't matter that its a spanish tv show website with 500traffic and no revenue. I want for other reasons. I can offer a private sale using a free escrow facility and pay in cash or crypto. PM ME (I am not PM'ing you as if you...
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    Tier 1 and Tier 2 using pbn

    I think the most important thing is you have some 'control' over the link... if you are PBN'ing into someone else's site you could lose a lot of hard work. I'm watching this space heavily so I'll bring back more info.
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    Ranking in Google 2018 for fun and profit

    We May as well get started on this... Batch file code: / start / Save file to C:important-google.bat You'll want to make that a scheduled task... multiple times a day: Run in a cmd prompt / SchTasks /Create /SC DAILY /TN “I Did It...
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    What are your opinion about the hoth ?

    They ran a great planet in the Star Wars movies but since then have gone downhill on Earth...
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    Hello want to be next porn king

    Sorry that is just so funny...