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    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    Yes. That means a 6 month guarantee will yield you fewer returns than a 60 day guarantee.
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    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    I'm not sure what you mean by custom courses. I know people using who love it. I personally have not used it, so I cannot vouch. It is a premium service, so you'd want to be using it with a course that you charge for. ClickFunnels is great, but also a premium service. I have used...
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    Where to sale 2 Wordpress themes?

    I just read his original post... didn't realize he did not own the themes.
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    Instagram 500 followers + 500 likes + 500 views for free

    I'm definitely interested. Please PM me...
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    Where to sale 2 Wordpress themes?

    Build a website/blog as a "home base" for your themes... and to showcase them as well as sell and support them. Build a sales page to sell them too, use Clickbank to have affiliate sell them for you, contact WordPress to get into their search directory, sell right here on BHW, partner with...
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    NEED HELP ! How to get 100K followers only by liking photos

    ...oh and one more tip: put other accounts in your hash tag area as well. Only add accounts for people with high visibility in your niche. So you'd put your hash tags and accounts like this: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3 @account1 @account2 You get the idea. Once you are in front of the right people...
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    NEED HELP ! How to get 100K followers only by liking photos

    I'm just getting started on Instagram, but I still think this would be good advice: Why not focus on an effective hash tag strategy to get in front of the right audience. After all, followers are meaningless if they aren't targeted. Don't use hash tags that are high saturated, you'll never...
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    Irritating permalink issue

    What is the name of the plugin causing the problem?
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    Way of Getting Adobe CC Cheaper?

    Try RetailMeNot to see if you can find any discount coupons. That website is great for all kinds of things...
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    Instagram 0k to 100k in 90 days journey

    I am about to enter the Instagram world. I did not open my account yet, can anyone provide advice on setting up my account and profile for effective exposure and growth?
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    How to Make a Sales Page that Converts

    So you have a product to sell online? Maybe you wrote an ebook, or you are promoting a CPA product, or perhaps an affiliate item. Whatever it is that you wish to sell online, there is one thing that remains constant… you must have a sales page that converts (sells). This is the most critical...
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    What is the BEST software to Write an Ebook?

    I use Microsoft Word. It is extremely effective and I make a clickable table of contents. I then use Adobe Acrobat Professional to convert it to a PDF. If you want your ebook to be in a different format, you can still use MS Word to write it.
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    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    EzPzElectronics, I'd be happy to help and answer questions if needed for building your website. -Scott
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    Making money on Fiverr

    You are not too late to the party! Fiverr is a marketing machine - if you use it correctly You can sell higher priced services, but you will need to reel them in with a low price commodity item (that should be quick and easy for you to do). This will help build trust as well as feedback...