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    WPX cdn issue dam!!

    Yep back up now. But this was the last straw for me. They were great a year or so ago but they have been slipping for a while.
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    WPX cdn issue dam!!

    I have decided to part ways with WPX after today. The last few months I had many brief outages of service while working on sites. If I was working on a site I would notice 2-10 times an hour where the server would go out for a few seconds to a minute. It was like I was using Godaddy. After...
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    ⚪⚪⚪【 POWER BACKLINKS 】⚪ DA +80 | RD +10,000 | ⚪ AMAZING REVIEWS ⚪ 100 % VOUCHED ⚪ -75 % DISCOUNTS ⚪⚪⚪

    I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review. I got a link on a DR 35 website with 13.2K RD. Definitely a legit site with real traffic. There were 3 other links in the article all linking to supporting content. Looks like a great service if you are looking for some niche edit...
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    Review Got my report 4 days ago. About 60% of the links are indexed. Good: Metrix are as advertised design is decent unique logo on each site All have an SSL cert Bad: Content is definitely spun and not readable No about us or contact pages Sites and domains are all about 6 months old...
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    Indexed but not in search ??

    Patience, patience...SEO is a long game and Google moves at its own unpredictable pace.
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    What is your biggest Motivation?

    Doing client work, the motivation is referrals. I work hard, do a great job at a great value. But when my client realizes it and refers me it makes me work that much harder.
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    backlink is not on ahrefs

    My PBN backlinks never show up in Ahrefs or another third party tool, I block the crawlers so my competitors can't find them. The only thing that matters is if Google crawled and indexed the page.