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    My Brother Passed This Week

    Sorry for your loss. Stay strong @proxygo
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    Facebook Ads Simulator...

    There is no such thing. There is an official estimate once you set up your ad on Facebook and it's the best performance estimation you can get. But, it is still just an estimate as each ad is different and performance varies due to several factors. You can set up an ad and get the estimation...
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    How can I choose a user in instagram comment picker?

    Not sure what you mean, but if you want to copy-paste a username, you can do it by hitting F12 on Windows Chrome and double click the username.
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    How can I send mails that do not go into spam? (I have spent hours on this with no success).

    Are you always sending to the entire 10k list? Possibly there is a honeypot email(s) that you might want to avoid. Try sending a few hundred at a time and see if that works?
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    INSTAGRAM Journey To 500K Followers

    I will follow your thread just to know how long until Christmas. :) JK, I wish you success, you are doing it right, just don't give up.
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    upvoting via Reddit API - bad idea ?

    Getting IDs from PRAW should be safe as long as you respect API requests limits.
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    Whats Wrong with Doctors?

    covid19 easy
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    Is it safe to have a VA for Etsy

    Well, the only thing that I can think of: download Teamviewer and have him access your PC and do the work? This should be 100% safe, but, of course, inconvenient (as you can't use the PC while he's doing his work). Also you should protect everything from accessing except your browser/necessary files
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    Journey to 1000% Profit Using My Bots

    Any updates?
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    Auto Reposter for Instagram

    Your best bet would be to hire a developer to code you one, I'd say. However, since it's a custom job it might be more expensive than actually buying existing software and only using a feature you require.
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    Looking to hire 2 English speaking VAs

    Hello, we are looking to hire 2 English speaking VAs. The conditions to meet are really simple: 1) good English skills (in writing and speaking) 2) previous experience with video editing software 3) willing to work full month for agreed, fixed monthly pay 4) must be in minimum CET +6...
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    What is the Best tool for auto-posting?

    Xrumer, however, you will need to learn a few things before you can use it with a good measure, but all good software tools have a learning curve.
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    Proxy For VPS - Followliker?

    Most tools can spoof user agents so it seems that each account is using a different OS, browser, etc making it seem that it is not one person accessing several accounts. Looks more natural.
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    Proxy For VPS - Followliker?

    Actually, there are several ways of "leaking" your real IP address, also depends on the type of the proxy you are using (Anonymous Proxy. ... High Anonymity Proxy. ... Reverse Proxy. ... Transparent Proxy. ... Distorting Proxy. ... Intercepting Proxy. ... Socks Proxy Server: ... FTP Proxy...
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    Proxy For VPS - Followliker?

    Yeah 5 should be fine, just consider using different user agents in your settings as that will help with action blocks.