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    ||| AMAZON Sale Page Management Service - SEO & SEM Services for Your AMAZON Sale Page |||

    New order placed with PayPal (Unique Transaction ID # *******3K84041906) Best contact is e-mail posted on your wufoo form.
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    Need help getting a Few Amazon Reviews.

    I know, I have had some problems with this. So I really appreciate the assistance from everyone else. :)
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    Need help getting a Few Amazon Reviews.

    Sent you a skype message
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    Need help getting a Few Amazon Reviews.

    Will pay $10 each for anyone who will help me get some verified product reviews. You need to have an Amazon account with address in USA. 1. I will send you a PayPal gift payment to purchase a skincare item then then send me the order number. 2. I send you the review. Just copy and paste...
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    How to take credit card payment online?

    I've been using Authorize Net for two years now with little problem. Authorize Net is just a gateway however and the deposits go directly to your merchant account. You need a separate merchant account in lieu of a bank account. I found the one I'm using through my bank however.
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    need to make an ecommerce website

    You can have someone make you a site (design) and then you can host it on an eCommerce (shopping cart) platform for a small monthly fee. Like Make-A-Store where they provide the security, database, and back-office access to a toolkit that works like a content manager for uploading pictures and...
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    [Get][Limited Offer] Hurry FREE VPN Account

    Wow, too bad I didn't know about this last week. I just paid for an additional one. Thanks for the share...i'll hit the button
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    IM'ers - How do you stay healthy?

    Physical, mental, spiritual, social/emotional, it's easy to get out of balance in these areas on a daily basis. As workoholics many of us tend to pile on the mental area at the expense of the others. To counter this on the physical side I run 3 to 4 1/2 miles or do cardio and strength train at...
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    What Basic Precautions do you take?

    I use a VPN also because it secures my connection against wireless sniffing. You can 't be too careful these days. It slows my surfing speed only a slight amount.
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    How do i win this Paypal dispute?

    I have the same problem with international mail. In the US I pay the 19 cents to obtain a tracking number. For international mail the tracking doesn't work so I really have to make a business decision. Basically I have totally my losses and compare them to my profits country by country and make...
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    Godaddy, bows to boycott, now 'opposes' SOPA

    They pretty much already showed their colors by there first stab into the political arena. I don't think I'll use them even for $1.00 domains.
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    anyone know of a great antivirus i can use for my laptop?

    I also use ESET NOD32 and I overlap it with Microsoft Security Essentials. The Microsoft is free and it doesn't tie up or conflict with the NOD32.
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    Man Crashes $380k Lambo Hours After Winning It In Contest

    For that car, I would certainly be willing to pay the money and get it repaired.
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    Which one is worth invest in? (list of tools!!)

    This looks like the best idea for me. I'm new to SEO and IM. I have an eCommerce site that is making some profit but it has a lot more potential if it can show up in the serp's for the industry keywords.
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    [GET] Do follow backlinks

    Well, I am totally new to SEO, why not start here. Thanks for a handheld tour of my first back-linking efforts. (Guess I better research those keywords now!)