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    General blog, is it a good idea in 2019 ?

    I don't see it as a bad thing... but the more broad your blog, more competitors, etc... I would suggest you to try to focus on a few topics before, and then try to diversify a little bit more...
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    TEN Blackhat ways to be found in page one on Google search

    Thank you OP ;) It's true that's some of the link building work, but may help someone new here... Cheers
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    What are the best host for a wordpress blog?

    I made myself. Just need basic docker compose and docker machine knowledge :D There is nothing magic here. I'll find it and post under programming forum to help some folks here
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    What are the best host for a wordpress blog?

    Couldn't agree more! With a cheap droplet, you can put lot's of blogs... I have a simple script where I install nginx, wordpress, mariadb, automatic letsencrypt for ssl, etc in less then a minute with docker and docker-machine... And you don't even need to create droplets on your own... I...
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    Ask Me Anything About WordPress 2019

    @Festinger I already saw that you are not a developer, but maybe you can help: Do you have some thoughts about testing and production environment for wordpress?
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    Hi Guys, Rob from England here...

    Welcome dude ;) You have found the golden pot beyond the rainbow! Make yourself comfortable and read all you can here ;)
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    Recommended Reading??

    I know it's not related with what you asked for... But I'm reading unlimited power by tony robbins, and I think it can be a really good reading to help you achieve what you a looking for ;) About guides and stuff... I don't remember the name of the BST, but there is a guy that sells an ebook...
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    Tips how to start vlogging?

    vlog is for people with a huge audience... Once you get thousands and thousands of followers, people will engage with you going to the park before you say how to make an awesome -your content here-. But till there, people will not follow you as much as you would like, simply because nobody knows...
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    How hard is it to do a hosting business ?

    I think that if you are asking this, your first goal is to be a reseller of a well established host. Then you can think of doing your own. One thing I can tell, it maybe be not so difficult, but it will take a lot of effort!
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    How to Get Traffic

    You can get traffic from a variety of sources. The first and easier is to pay for it. Use google adwords or facebook ads. While you try to find a way to generate traffic, optimize your articles to rank on google, bing, etc. Try to find communities related to the articles you write. And one...
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    Hello Geeks! It's my first post on BHW!

    So you are in the right place ;)
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    Starting a new corporate job

    I know that alone is not the perfect situation, but look something called planning poker. You will break your work into pieces. Then you will go through the "tasks" estimating the difficult of 'em... I think it can be easier to estimate...
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    biggest mistake ever

    Sorry for your lost bro. Is there anything to do about it?!