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    [ Instagram MASS DMs Panel] JUSTBULKDMS.COM | Up to 5M Daily | Video reports | Suitable for Wholesalers

    Purchased 100k DMs and was very impressed. I've sent over 10M DMs with various suppliers on & off-site and @ACRNM has by far the best quality. Video proof is a great touch and super responsive via telegram. Big vouch for this guy.
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    HAF: Wikipedia Page Creation

    Hey - I'm looking for someone to create a Wikipedia page for a company. The company owner has a long-term stable Wikipedia page. If interested, please PM me with your price.
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    Any offshore experts in here?

    They opened a company in the Seychelles with no planning as to how they are actually going to utilize it. Interesting. Banks that will open an account for a company in the Seychelles (off the top of my head, do your due diligence): DBS & OCBC in Singapore Caye in Belize. It all depends on how...
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    Discord Growth / Community Management

    I'm looking for someone who can grow and manage a Discord server for a client. They're looking to create a community of individuals interested in their niche to use as a source of leads. Ideally would like to pay someone a monthly fee for management, & growth.
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    What are the new market trends for the future?

    I'm a startups guy so I'll answer from that perspective. The creator economy is hot right now. Anybody that builds a company that: helps creators produce content, come up with ideas, and gain traffic helps creators manage their business (brand deals, finance, etc.) helps people produce content...
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    [JV] My luxurious ⭐ products/ Your sales (wholesaling)

    I have a pretty large distribution network in the GCC region. Happy to take a look and see if we'd be interested.
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    Real estate investment in Dubai - what do you think?

    Complete and utter nonsense. Admittedly the drug policy is strict here although you'll find a lot of people who smoke weed. Alcohol is openly available in hotels, clubs, and your own home. Dubai is more tolerant of women than most other places in the world, to be honest. There are still some...
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    Real estate investment in Dubai - what do you think?

    Dubai is one of the greatest places I've lived. Business is still very much based on who you know which means that while some companies take a year to get a few clients if you know how to make friends you can outpace everyone before you even know you exist. I moved here right in the middle of...
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    Real estate investment in Dubai - what do you think?

    The market has corrected post-covid pretty much entirely. Demand remains high for villas with apartments slightly lagging. The market will likely overvalue during Expo and then correct again a quarter after the close of Expo. I'm expecting prices to start rising in just over a month, rents will...
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    Real estate investment in Dubai - what do you think?

    Real estate agencies here are something else. 90% of the off-plan developments are cheap pump & dump schemes and ethics don't seem to have been imported. There's a huge amount of money to be made in real estate but I would want to be here on the ground and dealing directly instead of through one...
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    TikTok Ads it's the next big thing on digital marketing

    You're right, my main business is based on media buying for TikTok. The sheer amount of money I've spent is what my answer is based on. The only clients I have that are targeting brand awareness are two Fortune500 companies both of whom have launched new sub-brands. Everyone else is running...
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    Need to ask lawyer questions before launching my next business

    You should be able to just engage an attorney for an hour or two for a consultation. Obviously, it's easier if you already have a relationship. If not, just phone and say that you're looking for a few hours of consulting about X. Depending on what advice you need, you might need to speak to...
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    HAF: VA to provide verified decision maker email lists for local businesses

    The title says it all. We need verified lead lists for marketing decision-makers for local businesses in a variety of niches. Looking for a VA or someone else who can get us that data.
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    TikTok Ads it's the next big thing on digital marketing

    Agree with all of the above. TikTok is incredibly valuable for lower-funnel objectives as well as brand awareness.
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    Anyone run ads on Tiktok?

    TikTok ads work full funnel. Good for brand awareness but also very powerful for sale conversion events. DTC & E-commerce can see the same if not better results than Facebook. TikTok is all about testing creative. 99% of campaigns setup will just fail miserably without the right creative. If...