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    Gscraper proxies
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    Gscraper proxies
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    Gscraper proxies
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    Gscraper proxies
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    Gscraper proxies
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    This channel has reached 1 million subscribers in a short time with only shorts.

    shorts are very popular - for some people a short is better than sitting through 10-20 min video.
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    Does buying high retention views/likes/comments have any negative effects on your channel?

    its possible if youtube spots thousands of clicks / views from 1/2 ips on specific videos they MIGHT act, its the risk you take.
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    How do you invest in crypto as a novice?

    i think everyone not living under a rock knows BT also watch out for Elon Musk promoting the odd crypto
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    Any hope to recover my username?

    have you actually contacted insta support yet and explained your situation ?
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    Port scanned proxies
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    Port scanned proxies
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    Port scanned proxies
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    Port scanned proxies
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    Port scanned proxies
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    Information on tiktok

    possibly not if the views tanked low what did they charge to promote