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    Buy via sms?

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    Hello friends, greetings to all! I am looking for a platform to make payments more cerrier direct billing, currently I have a method that pays 35% of what is charged the same day, but 35% is too low, and the applications that I have in google play pay every 45 days, I need a platform that I pay...
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    Where can I buy Google Play Gift Cards in Low Rate?

    I think I can help you with this bro
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    I am looking for android programmer

    Good morning, I'm looking for a programmer for android, who has some basic knowledge in telephony so that I can understand the idea. Basically I want to develop a self-dialer application, which makes automatic calls, which recognizes when a call connects and in this way create a conference call...
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    i need some app or method to can calld for free

    Hello friend, you managed to get an application to call?
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    I need unlimited sim card provider and roaming

    Hi guys, I am looking for some provider of unlimited sim cards, which can work and make calls abroad, exactly in Latin America, no matter which operator or company is the sim card, I just need them to work in roaming, I hope to find some person who understands the subject or any provider from...
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    Calling Premium Phone numbers using VOIP/SIP account.

    Hello, you still need the information, I see that you do not connect from 2017
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    Do you have an app that can work? Help!

    @Uzii yes friend, I can buy credits to the applications but I can not connect the call! :(
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    Do you have an app that can work? Help!

    Hi guys I hope they are well. I have a big doubt, some of you know some app for the cell that can call premium numbers (iprn) as cash4minutes or similar, and probe with LINE, VIBER, TEXTPLUS, TEXTME, TELZ ...... And there is no access or at least I do not have access to those calls, it should be...
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    I am looking for low-cost telephony provider or any other form of call of low rates

    Hi guys. I am looking for a voip phone provider, the ideal would be to have very low prices to several destinations, which are not gray routes or that later disappear, I do not really care about the route but it does not disappear and we can do business a long time , if someone can provide a...
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    How can I get money from SIM cards?

    @Loyalhunt can you post it here?
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    How can I get money from SIM cards?

    if it works with the free credit but only for premium sms not for calls, and not all access destinations, for example if you send sms to uk you will not receive pay, but maybe papua new guinea, poland or some destination other than uk you can recive the payment the same day! @Loyalhunt, if I...
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    Let's discuss your ideas, 20,000 sim cars and more, and other questions ..

    currently use it in premium sms services or calls, I do not think it has sims from other countries only in Chile, but I can offer calls and sms to some destinations in the world
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    Let's discuss your ideas, 20,000 sim cars and more, and other questions ..

    thank you very much @looking1xformarketing5517 I will inform you more about smspva of course it should be a lot of work but at this time in this I take my time, I am willing to do it full time, the idea is not to sell them, as I mentioned the same use for iprn services. I have sim card with...