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    Handling consecutive auths using selenium?

    If this isn't top secret, feel free to DM me the site and I can take a look
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    Handling consecutive auths using selenium?

    how are you selecting the username and password input areas, by id, xpath? After the first auth, are you examining the html of the second auth to figure out how to target the next set of inputs?
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    Need a little friendly advice

    i dont believe you can copyright a recipe
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    ProRankTracker The Most Comprehensive Rank Tracking and Reporting Solution!

    Been using this for probably around 18 months. Since then they have had a few minor upgrades and a major upgrade that really improved the look and options. Never had any problems, get my notifications in my email like clockwork Thanks for making a great product
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    Sitting is Killing you!

    I'm the picture of help as I break from sitting every 45 minute or so. To go smoke a cigarette
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    Google Deranked The Shit Out Of YT Videos - Check This Data

    I've never been too big into youtube, I've ranked a vid or two, that's bout it. But this isn't surprising at all. A few years ago, video BECAME HOT! Video was the new thing and everybody was into it, not just marketers. Youtube is fully established and video is standard now. Unless the query...
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    FOR SALE: 5 Site PBN - 3xPR4's, 1PR2, 1PR1 | IMMEDIATE DELIVERY | $599

    Domain Pagerank TF CF PA DA Backlinks Referring Domains original .tv 2 29 23 35 23 235 35 current 2 27 23 37 25 237 35 original .org 4 22 18 30 19 2117 1 current 4 23 19 29 28 1758 1 original .tv 4 23 30 29 16 64 13 current 4 22 39 35 22 68 13 original...
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    Will pay $10 for an Amazon review

    I'm in, hit me.....
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    Received letter from prosecution authorities

    If u don't think Paypal with cooperate with a legit criminal prosecution your in trouble.
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    Plugin That Mass Creates Fake Comments?

    have you searched here on the boards? I've seen one recently here by a user but I cant remember the name.
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    app developers

    check this thread out, dude is looking for people to work with
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    Any idea on how to remove "Billing Address" from woocommerce?

    there are tutorials on it, just search google. I believe there are also plugins that make it quick and easy, search over at codecanyon for one
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    FOR SALE: 5 Site PBN - 3xPR4's, 1PR2, 1PR1 | IMMEDIATE DELIVERY | $599

    Thanks for the feedback DeadJoe. There are 3 PR4's in the network. I haven't looked at other BST's in a week or so but when I did I saw issues with turnaround time being much longer, articles being wack, claims of hacking from the hosting providers and other stuff. In addition to that I haven't...
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    Manual Action Taken Against All of my Sites for On Page Content(Help Please)

    Sorry to hear that. All they need to do is find 1 that they don't like for whatever reason they choose not to like it. From there you told them you have 9 more, all in the same WMT account and IP. Damn homie, I feel for u but don't crawl into a cave. Learn the lessons and pick the pieces up...