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    Increasing DA using backlinks - is it worth ? or risky

    Google doesn't use DA or DR. So..
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    [Content affiliate] Journey to 2000 USD/month

    Interesting. Good luck on your journey!
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    Hey, I am OFF page SEO link building and guest posting expert but new on BHW

    Another expert joining BHW. BHW is so blessed.
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    What are the Google search engine ranking factors?

    This! The REAL ranking factor.
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    What are the Google search engine ranking factors?

    That's myth. Don't spread it like google do lol Check backlinko's rankbrain article. He explain it well there.
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    What are the Google search engine ranking factors?

    Forget that 200 ranking factors. Top 3. 1. Backlinks 2. Contents 3. Rankbrain. Just optimize those 3 first. The important ones.
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    3X free organic traffic within 9 month

    It sounds easy. Make me excited.
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    Target - 5 Articles a Week for the Next 52 Weeks - Blogging based on Income school

    Not trying to stop you. But... Income school method really really really need patient (i should use 'really' word more i guess). Because it's really really really slow showing result. If you have money, it is better write 2-3 long ass content per week. Send good backlinks to your site...
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    I am making 300-500 USD a day! But i don't like the way it is!

    So surprise so many suggested OP to automate, hire VA etc. It's not about it. OP is not comfortable earning money through adult niche maybe because his religion. Earning money through porn is a sin for some religion. And it will bring bad deed i guess. So he feel guilty about it. OP, you can...
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    Does it make sense to only get ******** backlinks?

    Just get those do foll0w backlinks. If your website rank, getting visitors and crawled by many bots, your website will get no foll0w backlinks along the way. Beside, diversify backlinks is not what you thought right now.
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    Is Ads always at the top in google search?

    Ads always on top because people/advertisers pay for it. If you want seo traffic, you can target keywords from different angle. If you can get top spot and get visitors, you can presell them in your blog/site.
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    Pfizer is holding governments to ransom

    Oh shit, i am involved in this crap anti vaccines again. Sorry to myself for wasting time. I'm out @1337WuLF @poliku . I don't care if you take vax or not, not my business. Do whatever you want.
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    Pfizer is holding governments to ransom

    Who serves vaccines to peoples for free (most country)? Government. Why almost government in the world bought vaccines? Just because they believe in propaganda? It's just like you saying to us that most government is stupid enough for believing on propaganda. I know you hate vaccines but use...
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    Pfizer is holding governments to ransom

    So you tell us that all government country is stupid enough by believing propaganda from "powerful peoples"? Yes, i believe you, smart ass.
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    [SORRY] Surgical masks reduce COVID-19 spread, large-scale study shows.

    Control us by buying cheap masks? Yeah i believe you.