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    How to remove Black-listed problem from website?

    He is probably referring to SEO ranking penalties. If you get penalized by google or get banned by AdWords, etc. It's almost always better to leave the project and go for a new one. It's rarely appropriate to invest your time into rebuilding such websites
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    Amazon & Pinterest & Cannabis

    As long as you don't get too many reports from angry moms, you should be fine. As the previous reply stated - it's definitely worth a try :)
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    Questions regarding hosting

    I completely agree with the rest of the answers. There is simply not enough data provided for even rough estimations. With these specs you could host over 10 very simple websites with no SQL and almost no CSS. At the same time, you might not be able to host even a single resource-heavy...
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    300+ High Authority Website list for Link building purpose

    I'm assuming this list is all about the spam and nofollow link building 'strategies'. Correct?
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    Need help with Cloudflare!

    Quite frankly, you should talk with A2hosting representatives which could give you the correct DNS values for your account.
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    Soo, definitely no white hat, huh?

    Indeed, the white one is much better on my eyes. Many thanks, guys! :)
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    Is It Going to Hurt Me Being Linked By the Same Content?

    Just like the rest have said, - You shouldn't really worry about it since the Google will always prioritise you over the duplicator :)
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    Soo, definitely no white hat, huh?

    Hello, folks, This dark theme is giving me flashbacks... It's like navigating via old school Linux console! Anyways, I'm a long time (6 years) SEO enthusiast with a web hosting background. I hope to share some of my experiences with you, and perhaps learn something new in the process. (yay!)