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    How to monetize my photos?

    Oh yeah, might use the same photo edited 2-3 different ways, plus different angles, different lighting, everything. Variations are VERY important
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    How to monetize my photos?

    Stock photography is a numbers game. I probably have 6,000-7,000 images up on stock sites, about 20 of them are my top sellers, no rhyme or reason. The more photos up, the longer they are up, the better the keywords. You’ll start finding gold.
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    What's an absolute ridiculous thing that people are buying?

    Canadians purchasing my book on United States workplace safety government regulations.
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    World need Blood from Not Vaccinated People!

    Well… maybe…
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    Need SEO advice

    Yes. At the same time seo for an unknown person’s IMDb is an involved process beyond seo
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    If covid vaccines are just a smoke screen...

    All a smoke screen to get people to wear masks while the shape shifting ferrets infiltrate the lowest levels of society. Unlike the lizard people infiltrating government, the ferrets require longer to shape shift a mouth, hence the masks. Now from jobs at Walmart and McDonald’s the ferret people...
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    Need SEO advice

    Press releases talking about the actor. Unless people are just searching the actors name or other things, you have to get buzz.
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    What would you do if you had an extra 50K to spend?

    You could rank a blank page for that. 1: easy 2: no PBNs, you could get legit website mentions for this level of PR. 3: yup 4: you could even go harder than that. like for that money, you could build yourself as a brand in a highly profitable niche, one that doesn’t just rely on Amazon or...
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    The evidence Tik Tok was planned

    No smoke this, it bad for you. and no, your conspiracy theory of master planning for 30yrs isn’t real either. Do companies have long term plans? Yeah, I just did a 10yr plan for my day job, but it is more of a general guide, as all companies use. Anyone claiming to have a 30 yr plan as a...
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    Iphone just bricked - best android to buy

    Yes… clouds are external 3rd parties… so it isn’t a problem with iPhone, it is a you issue of a particular want. And yes you can back up your whole phone to a flash drive, made for the iPhone. as for the notes app. If it is the app you chose to use, you accept it’s shortcomings… can’t bitch...
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    Want bigger boobs without plastic surgery? Take the COVID Pfizer vaccine !

    I still think the side effect of a raging boner from viagra is voted “best side effect” So speaking for these lizard overlord blow jobs… like is that paying, or just for funsies? Cause I am always looking to capitalize on my 5G mind control upgrade chip.
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    POLL: Would you date/have kids with ONLY vax-free women?

    So you don’t understand that first off this “poll” shows the majority disagree with your garbage… second it is a poll on a IM/SEO forum with people trolling the poll(like answering opposite to see you feel validated)… I haven’t pointed out your incel ways, they have been clear, but they are...
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    POLL: Would you date/have kids with ONLY vax-free women?

    That “good” people push their unfounded delusions onto others.
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    BLATANT media manipulation

    I mean then someone has to verify the information as correct, since well… folks know how to make fake authority sites all day… and who is to say that debunkingrealityforyoulamesheeplefrommybasement.Io isn’t a legitimate news source?
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    Iphone just bricked - best android to buy

    More like anti-Apple fanboys complain about Apple thinking they can’t do stuff cause some 90yr old lady said she couldn’t do it on her iPhone 1 last week…