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    Big Media Coverage Fox,abc,CBS,NBC,DigitalJournal & 400+ {Increase Traffic} Low Cost- Powerful links

    Can you send me some samples please. Thank you
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    VOL 2: Publish Articles & Press Releases on Top Magazines Worldwide (UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, France)

    I have an article which I would like to get published on top news sites, can you send samples? Thank you!
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    Mass Video Blaster Pro - Edit And Upload YT Videos On The Fly

    Thanks for keeping the tool updated. Thumbsup
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    Can anyone get rid of the background in this photo?

    Throwback.. Got a email that this thread got bumped lol
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    This is how I feel..

    They said they're thinking about it
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    Get Reviews that STICK. (AMAZON verified/google reviews from REAL accounts)

    seller did good job, will place new order.
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    Anyone using Bitpay card?

    I am using it, the card can be used worldwide. It's a great card tbh. It just takes forever to receive. Took about 6 weeks to get mine after I registered for it.
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    Anyone cash their Bitcoin out at or above $4,000?

    With the CFTC officially regulating options for underlying BTC, I highly doubt that will happen.
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    Just bought some BTC

    Let me know how the lambo drives Jared ;)
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    My Bitcoin adress was CHANGE!

    You should still be able to see the old address under archived. Make a test transaction, and see if it goes through.
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    mining in a pool or solo

    Depends on the blockchain. New altcoins with low hashrate you can get away with mining solo. On Bitcoin blockchain, there is no way you'd ever mine a block against competitor's hashrates. For Bitcoin, unless you're pushing alot of TH's you need to join a pool.
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    $20 - Looking for Google Maps Local Guide contributors to leave review

    Hi, I am paying $20 per review. You must be a Level 2 Google Maps Contributor or above, with a active account with reviews spaced out over time. Thank you.
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    Ethereum Regrets

    Regarding the gambling analogy, it is a little like gambling during a bubble. During the bubble, lots of people are hearing about it, buying it, but bubbles pop. If you're buying during a bubble, at worst if you just hold onto what you have, you can expect to break even in a couple of years if...