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    Cold Emaling

    I may have a solution. I'm happy to discuss more info. Cheers!
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    [JV] I am looking for Ecommerce Partners

    I'm interested in hearing more of what you're looking for in a partner.
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    I've got buyer data ... I need YOU to help me email it.

    Somewhat, that is what I need, yes. So long as you're able to import and mail them, absolutely. Obviously, as mentioned, inboxing has been the issue with some of the other efforts since I was shut down on those platforms, though I actually noticed that GR hasn't had as good a delivery rate as...
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    I've got buyer data ... I need YOU to help me email it.

    Over the years, I've built a list of email addresses. Now, of course, not all emails are created equal, and a good chunk of the data was optin-only, which means it's mostly dogsh*t after a few months. However, over that time, I've actually amassed a good number of buyer leads. To quote the...
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    I provide traffic - LF Businessowners or Webmasters

    I assume this has already been filled, but if not, I maintain several brands that I'd be interested in this for.
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    Google Chrome now prevents autoplay ...

    Dude, this was rolled back months ago. Check the date.
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    Google Chrome now prevents autoplay ...

    To my knowledge, this pretty much just went into effect. Anyone know if there's a way around this? Maybe with Javascript or something?
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    Downloading Sprout videos -- ideas?

    Hey, folks. I was curious if there was a way out there to download Sprout videos. I've tried several Chrome extensions that purport to download videos, but none have worked thus far. Any ideas?
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    Big thank you to BassTrackerBoats - our newest Super Moderator

    Man, it's good to see a long-time member with a history of good contributions being added to the team of moderators. Looks good on you, brother. ;)
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    Important things to make a stealth Amazon SES account ?

    First, I would definitely change the IP, at the very least, while you're capped and under review. Second, I wouldn't use Gmail accounts to send. It's a short-term game.
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    You gave me everything, but now f*ck you I am leaving you...

    That was ... surreal. Were there 'also some beers' here, too? ;)
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    RE: A desktop bot that opens/clicks emails

    I appreciate the feedback. That clears up my question.
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    RE: A desktop bot that opens/clicks emails

    It'd be time-consuming to create the bot, or it would be time-consuming to run? I'm okay with it being time consuming to run, I suppose. Is this the sort of thing that could run multiple instances at once? Might speed that up some.
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    RE: A desktop bot that opens/clicks emails

    I will be swapping out the email accounts that are used, and they'll be in large quantities. I'd rather not have to enable Pop3 on all of them. Is there a way to do it without that?
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    RE: A desktop bot that opens/clicks emails

    So, this got partially done. The bot currently opens emails. But it does not click them. Also, he had it running through my own VPN, but it would be nicer if I could just throw a list of open proxies in there, and it would go through each one. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, I...