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    Ebayers Wanted for Jv You make $250 per sale

    lol @ me being a partner in crime. I worked with him until my account was suspended on ebay. I am no longer even working on ebay and I dont even talk to him on yahoo anymore.... How is it obvious? I was not lying... you dont even know me. I only ever sold one motorcycle with him. I had more...
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    Posted on Craigslist-- scam story

    yikes! SUcks for that guy. Im from atl too. :P
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    Ongoing CL ad needed...

    Pm'd you
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    Ebayers Wanted for Jv You make $250 per sale

    Ive worked with him and its not a scam...
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    Why is my post count not going up?

    If youre posting in the lounge mostly... theres your answer
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    Free StumbleUpon Friends

    Ill add you guys too. me: omgamandaa
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    WANTED: A few good eBayers. I do all the work and you make money. It's that simple really.

    It says he hasnt been on since 9/28. Maybe hes just out of town or something.
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    hot product you can sell on ebay for huge profits legally!!!!!

    I am currently selling a variety of stuff on ebay and this sounds interesting. If you start dropshipping, shoot me a PM.
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    I'm considering eBay selling... your thoughts?

    I sell on ebay but I work with other people who know the right connections. Check JV
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    how do i make money on the internet ive only made about 8 dollars from fiverr

    Read the many many threads on this forum and youll know how to make money. Many people read and dont take action and those are the people that dont make any money. Dont listen to those that post and say, "Oh this idea doesnt work," they are in denial.
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    Ebayers Wanted for Jv You make $250 per sale

    My ebay account is not that important to me, but also, all we are doing is selling something on ebay through a middle man. My first buyer actually wants to tip me because the transaction went so well.
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    So I got 80 Thousand!! What should I do?

    Option number 2 is best.
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    New here and still doesn't know how to make money online :(

    No, you do know how. All you have to do is read one of the many threads in this forum and you will know how to make money online. What you dont know how to do is stop reading and get to work.
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    Ebayers Wanted for Jv You make $250 per sale

    I started this JV on Monday and the sale closed early this morning. Ive already received the $250 for selling the bike. This JV is legit and it's actually pretty exciting watching the bidding take place. There is no reason anyone should not take advantage of this because you have nothing to lose.
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    You think you're one of the youngest IMers?? Think AGAIN!

    I feel like thats a pedophile's dream come true. VIDEOS FOR $5? OKAY. lol