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    Can anyone explain Facebook Notify app?

    basically I have a website that I want on all social media so if I can get mine on there I want to work out how? doesnt really make sense to me but havent installed or tried it yet? can't really think of any point to it as it just seems to connect news to specific businesses which is a bit...
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    Tweepi now sucks, alternatives?

    tweepi is just manual following, it is quite fast to use but you have to click each individual you follow or unfollow ......the plus side is you can target who you follow or follow from lists
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    Anyone else having API issues

    yes, since the API changed.
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    Tweepi now sucks, alternatives?

    I can't buy FL yet so I need a free alternative. Since the change of the api first I lost Ikutku which was great for mass unfollows of non follow backers. Then tweepi change and it is useless now, I have 2 accounts with 12k followers and another with 3.9k and it has only let me follow...
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    New IM Girl Seeking Advice on how to Monetize Tumblr Accounts.

    unrelated to the thread but I am an artist and interested in creating my own tee's, I already do graff/canvas painting etc and slaps ... can anyone point me in the direction of some good links to actually get supplies .... I'm thinking like somewhere in China or something lol, btw my budget is...
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    some tips to newbies

    if you play the game as a robot you will be surrounded by robots
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    Let create a 'retweet buddies group' for twitter.

    how did you manage that ? I have 7k on two accounts and been working on those pretty much dailly since October time, I also have good content and all real active followers. I'm guessing you must have bought some fake followers ?>
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    Free Real Facebook Likes - Freeway/Giveway

    PM sent, ninjah:cool:
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    something I have noticed about signing up

    I used iphone to sign up, will be signing any new ones up this way now rather than using desktop computer :)
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    something I have noticed about signing up

    mine couldnt and still cant,I have 5k followers and if i follow 400 I hit my follow limit. On my new account its 900. So its very strange, maybe everyone hasn;t had the problem I have with my main account
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    Cab you verify 2 accounts to the same phone no.?

    I got this solved guys, see my other thread. I signed up with my phone which is allowing me to follow 900 a day form the start somehow! RESULT!
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    something I have noticed about signing up

    thought I would share something I have discovered. I signed up for twitter account on desktop pc , even though it has over 5k followers it only allows me to follow around 400 a day. This number has been creeping up slowly since October, the progress is so slow. Now, last week I signed up for a...
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    Cab you verify 2 accounts to the same phone no.?

    doesnt even let me sign up an account without a phone number, doesnt let me finish the sign up phase when i put my number in it defaults UK to =1 code, which i get it to change to +44 but then i get that error message again maybe its just a problem with the sign up for now, will give it a...
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    Cab you verify 2 accounts to the same phone no.?

    simple enough querstion really, it is not letting me do it I just get the message "your phone number failed, please try another number" I am guessing the problem is it is assosciated with the other account, so in that case, any wway around this quickly with no other sim/number?
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    Problem with InstaGress -> Switch to FL

    yep, I had to come back and clarify that so others know it is working fine. I don;t want to put anyone off the product because it does what it says on the tin :) Was nice when they let people use it for free for a while too, so yeh can't say anything bad about Instagress really. Although I...