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    lost my website ranking with new theme

    I just recently update my website design to a new theme, i had about 300+ number 1 rankings and now at least 70% of them disappeard, is this normal and will they come back?
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    Is Dogs of Elon a good investment?

    I'm pretty new in the space of crypto but I have been checking out this coin and seems to be getting a big hype during its pre sell, i haven't bought yet but thinking about it
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    questions about tier link building

    is scrapebox good for tier 2 links? if not what is the best program for this tier 2 and 3 can you send tier 2 to pbn and guestposts? i would think maybe they don't want shitty links to their sites and might remove my link, is this right or how you do it?
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    I am new in BHW

    Welcome. So what part of IM are you interested in?
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    My black hat site is doing better than my white hat site - I'm so mad right now

    are you doing any link building at all?
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    aged domain with no links better than newly registered?

    Does buying a 3 year old domain that was parked with zero links better than a newly registered domain? I am trying to speed up the rate of getting indexed and ranked. I don't mind doing the linkbuilding but just curious if there is any benefit buying aged from godaddy auctions.
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    Aliens May Be Changing The Climate!

    as long as they don't suspend my listings I'm good
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    Aged Domains Q&A - Ask Me Anything About Building Successful Sites on Aftermarket Domains (since 1999)

    does buying an aged domain with no backlinks, basically an aged parked domain that is 3 years old have any benefit?
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    Where to hire really good web developers?

    Any advice on where to find best content writers? This is my second biggest problem.. I have 1 writer she is amazing but limited on quantity as she's in college and only doing side work. I have seem to have to hire 10+ writers to find someone good, then they usually disappear after a few jobs lol
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    Where to hire really good web developers?

    Thanks man, this sounds like solid advice.
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    Where to hire really good web developers?

    I find it a struggle to find really good web developers and designers, does anyone have recommendations of where I can find them at? Freelancer is garbage these days, where did all the good talent go?
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    What’s the weirdest smell you have ever smelled?

    one of the worst smells ive ever smelled was nair hair removal