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    How to find reliable agent from China?

    You could work securely with dropshipping agents over Fiverr to avoid getting scammed. Here is a guide on finding and working with dropshipping agents.
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    Experiences with rewriting ranking articles?

    I'm following this topic.
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    My site is getting deindexed. Please help

    resubmit your sitemap in google search console. Resubmit those pages urls using url inspection tool in google search console, go to site coverage and check if those pages have been excluded
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    Blogs were copied content is only option

    Its always duplicate content because you can't rewrite the lyrics
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    Pls help bloggers from Nigeria

    Try local affiliate offers and use ezoic (instead of adsense)
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    How to Increase Traffic

    SEO and social media promotions
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    How you find low competition KW for brand new blog without paid tools?

    The alphabet soup method is manual, free and effective. Just search on YT for how to do this.
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    How to monetization my website

    Most ad network will ban you because of copyright if your content infringes on copyright! You can monetize using affiliate links.
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    Any other adsense alternative?

    Try Ezoic
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    How many articles does your blog have?

    quality over quantity mate!
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    What I can add to my site along with AdSense?

    You can add affiliate links and ezoic
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    Plagiarism Checker

    I use copyscape
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    Duplicate content affect SEO or not?

    Yes it does and most network will not want to monetize your site for duplicate/scrape content
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    Please help me with a backlink

    There is rarely anything on your site that anyone can link to. You need to build your site first.
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    i need some recommendation

    I like wordpress oceanwp theme