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    Being _slammed_ in the SERPs by inferior sites

    Its because of the Google algorithm. You can optimize your website/page however you want. Google will prefer the one with more authority. Content is only king, if you have an authority website. Otherwise, you got no chance. Until 2017 you wouldn't have any problems ranking your website, but...
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    when/will the US ever become a 3rd world country?

    They are not and they won't be. Have you ever been to a real third-world country? With no access to clean water, no roads, no real laws, no law enforcement, pure corruption, no health standards, no education, etc.? The problem with the US (and also the best thing ever for some of them) is it is...
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    The fastest way to learn programming? ??

    Don't learn it by yourself from scratch. Learning the basics will be fine. But mastering it will take too long and your motivation will suffer from it. Also, its too complicated. Instead, buy or get yourself an existing code, figure out how this code works, and improve or customize the code
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    I won't forget! Same goes for all the shops and restaurants, which are discriminating unvaccinated. None of them should be visited by unvaccinated afterwards.
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    I got the vaccine already. 2x Pfizer, 2x Sinovac. Still the same restrictions, lockdowns, wearing a mask, etc. and now they ask me to take a 3rd Pfizer jab. They even force me to take a test and I am not allowed to enter a cinema, while a few hundred kilometres distance in the UK, they are free...
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    Okay, so you want to tell me it is normal that there are the SAME restrictions in 2021 with a vaccination rate of over 75% in some country (in a few countries even more) than there were in 2020 with a vaccination rate of 0%? Really? Furthermore, you are saying that people who got the vaccine...
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    I am really not into conspiracy theories, etc., but what Bill Gates is doing is quite obvious. Basically, he plays a key role in the whole vaccine agenda. Invests a lot into the WHO, he invested a lot of money into companies producing the vaccine. But what really takes the piss is: He not only...
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    Imagine a virus so deadly...

    Thats exactly the way of thinking that brought us this mess. And exactly the reason why 2 (TWO!) years after the pandemic there are still lockdowns, etc. My boy Mr. Jordan Peterson made a pretty good point a few days ago:
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    Will Google pay me after ban?

    Also depends of the country you signed up with. For example, in the EU they made a regulation that forces Google to payout even tho the account got banned. If you have a business in the European Union and Google/Facebook is messing with you, everyone in there will be more than happy to sue the...
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    Do Blogspot links work like crazy?

    Spam links, probably generated by a bot Some of my websites are getting 100 links like this per day. really annyoing, but they do not hurt and they also have no benefit. I used to disavow them, but it just keeps coming. Dont really want to block all * domains tho
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    What is one business you want to start but could not do from long time?

    would like to get into the crypto and NFT business with my own swap, apps, etc.
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    Amazon stores for $25k ?

    You mean Amazon FBA stores? Maybe the stores are so expensive because they own physical goods and have several thousand dollars of inventory?