Mystic Mike

Musician & consultant for local businesses. Been involved in IM for about 6 years. Love to travel, enjoy learning languages and learning to ways to make my life more efficient and hands off so that I can focus on music more.

I've traveled a lot and love seeing as much of the world as I can. I've traveled through Europe a couple times, S America and most of the USA. I speak conversational Italian, basic Spanish and really horrible French.

I got into the IM game for the freedom and of course the need to not have a boss breathing down my neck at a day gig. The risk has been worth it, but like any other risk in life, it has its ups and downs. Though, I wouldn't trade it.

I work with local clients in NYC, helping them bring customers to their businesses and consult with them on various subject matters. So far this has been the one gig that really resonates with me in the digital marketing space. I've learned to avoid all the silver bullet type crap out there to focus on what really matters, which is longevity and stability in my business.

music, art, films, languages, marketing
Brooklyn, NY
Marketing director