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    Free 1000 Facebook Likes within minutes (No limits)

    thanks for the giveaway!
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    [Pics]Profit Farming Progress

    Two options: There is an image icon beside the smiley in the text editor; there you can paste any image link and the link will be inserted. There is a "Upload File" option where you hit "post reply" for posting the message. But I don't think you've completed the minimum number of posts or...
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    [Pics]Profit Farming Progress

    Thanks. I think there are some government consulting services for farmers, we'll see what they advise and proceed, but yes, most profitable crop will be the priority. And yes, we are creating artificial rain water holding reservoirs to make water available, so no issues with water... (Not real...
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    [Pics]Profit Farming Progress

    I'll also be getting into Farming soon here in India... Haven't quite researched what I am going to grow, but it'll be based on soil quality and local demand, etc... Will make a post about it if possible :p
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    YouTube description links are now opening in a popup

    Yeah. The processing fluency will decrease due to the popup -acting as a negative nudge- which will lead to lesser sales according to behavioural scientists and researchers. Really sad thing for affiliate marketers using youtube. But I don't understand how there is any effect on the link juice!?
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    [GUIDE] to Activate 4kStogram Full Version

    Hey OP, the latest version of 4kStogram doesn't have expiration dates. Please, can you upload and the version you have and share the link with us? Thanks.
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    [JOURNEY] Scheduling 1 million tweets for the next 12 months

    Making your own landing page and writing good copy will increase any chance of sale by 10x times. Also, twitter asked me to re-verify my phone number when I started excessive botting. How do you think you are gonna tackle that? I've tried something similar on a much smaller scale and was able...
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    Can't out rank a Quora answer no matter what!

    Hey OP, Can you pm me the exact question link. I can tell you exactly why you are not #1. Regards.
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    Need cheap or free hosting. Any suggestions?

    I am using namecheap $9.88 / yr hosting for the first year and all I can say is that: Hosting performance is very good and service is better than anyone.
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    Watch Me Learn to Code in 21 Days.

    Hey! I am also trying to learn Python since last 15 month or more. Moreover, I am also near the regex chapter. Do you think doing it together will help? I've joined many MOOCs from Edx, Coursera, etc. Not been able to do much though. Could we learn and build some stuff together? Or get...
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    Best source to learn and what to learn first? (Newbie SEO)

    You should read some of @t0mmy 's post's to get started.
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    How can I increase site speed without reducing image quality?

    Host your images on Flickr, instagram, Google photos or dropbox or a Blogger (.blogspot) site. Insert them in your website using "Insert Using URL" option. This will not reduce the image loading speed but the images will be loaded after the site is loaded.
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    Facebook Made $4.23 Off Your Profile This Year

    Your fake accounts didn't click on any of their ads, so mostly they didn't make those off your fake accounts.
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    Local SEO

    Maybe just pick an address and use it unless your business concerns something that needs physical meeting or shipping something to the address.
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    Local SEO

    I would still have a full address! Nobody checks the address, so it could be your home address too. People will just click on "Website" or "Call" so that's pretty useful. And a full address looks so much more real than Spam, google hates anything that smells like Spam.