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    LUNA confirmed dead, all BTC gone

    what about fiat?
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    how to get quick buy and quick mint in nft

    I am not sure these are still working: yungmoneynft solsniper But you will have to go through some alpha discords and see what people use these days.
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    how to get quick buy and quick mint in nft

    Buy a bot and set it up.
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    how can you earn 10k usd in 1 year

    For you? No one knows without at least saying what you are good at or what you are willing to learn.
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    Web 2.0 confusion

    There are 2 reasons why people mention VPN/proxies to created web2.0's. One is related to staying hidden from google. This applies to its own properties (blogspot for ex) mostly. The other reason is when you create tons of web2.0's on the same platform, you need new footprints (ip, cookies).
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    Even trezor hardware wallet is not 100% safe

    Nothing is safe when you let the doors unlocked. Like many things hacked it is not because of the device, but because of the weakest link... and unfortunately that is the human itself.
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    Where to sell crypto for fiat?

    Buy something online with that $50. Less hassle.
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    What are your predictions for the projects move-to-earn in 2022?
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    Which is next 100x gem coin Planning to invest $100k

    Go gamble with that money. ohhh wait...
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    STOP the Overwhelm! The Simplest Guide to Finding a Profitable Niche + Keyword Research

    Love it. So much clearness and straight forward explaining. No 'method' here. Brains and work.
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    Define Uniqueness

    That sound like me playing with pixlr when I am doing a meme :anyway: And that is far away from calling it unique. :p And about your other question. I'd say unique is something that you can't find an equal for or even a similar one.
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    Reddit posting issues

    You are spamming and you don't even realize it.
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    Reddit posting issues

    Check community rules. Posting rules. Also, if you have automoderator in place, double check what you got set in there. Make a second account and try again. Change things: title, description/link/image or whatever you post.
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    Is anybody making more than $1000/day??

    Better that then a mouth. Go slap Chris Rock.